Luka Doncic Says He’ll Get Another Tattoo If This Happens

The reasons for getting a tattoo are infinitely varied. Some people get tattoos for fallen friends; some get a bunch of emojis. Every piece of body art tells a story, however. NBA star Luka Doncic has learned this as he’s inked several tattoos on his body so far.

How many tattoos does Luka Doncic have?

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Luka Doncic has tattoos that mean something to him. The Dallas Mavericks phenom has been one of the brightest stars of the NBA season so far, averaging 30 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists in his second season. He’s led the Dallas Mavericks to a surprising 23-14 record and sixth place in the Western Conference standings.

His performances draw comparisons to some of the best NBA players ever. Considering his age, Doncic has a considerable amount of potential left. He currently has seven tattoos, most of them on his left forearm. Here is a list of his body art:

  • Doncic has an inscription of the Latin quote “Non desistas/Non exieris,” which translates to “Never give up/Never surrender.” Self-belief is critical for athletes. This is especially true for Doncic, who left his native Slovenia when he was only 13. 
  • Above that phrase is a rendition of a tiger because “I just like tigers,” He told Beacher Report. “I said if I go to U.S., I will buy a tiger — like Mike Tyson.” As of publication, Doncic does not own a pet tiger. 
  • Also on his arm is “7,” which is the number he wore for Real Madrid. Doncic uses it twice over for Dallas and the Slovenian national team. By sheer coincidence, he was seven years old when he first met Miami Heat guard and fellow Slovenian Goran Dragic. The NBA player became one of Doncic’s best friends and mentors.
  • One of the two tattoos Doncic got at the end of last year is a realistic picture of an Eagle.
  • The other is a custom version of the Eye of God, also known as the Eye of Providence. Although commonly linked to Christianity, the Eye can also have secular meanings of clarity and perspective. It can also become fodder for online conspiracy theorists who see the Eye as a link to the Illuminati group that allegedly runs the world.

The final two tattoos are arguably the most important to Doncic because they both reference the same event.

Doncic’s Slovenia make basketball history

EuroBasket is a tournament where Europe’s best international teams battle to see who rules the region. In the 2017 competition, Slovenia made history by winning all nine games and taking home the gold medal for the first time in history.

Doncic left the final game against Serbia with an injury, but he still earned a spot on the competition’s All-Tournament team. He commemorated the occasion with a tattoo of the EuroBasket trophy on his right hip. He also has an image of the entire European continent on his back. 

Doncic has big plans for his next tattoo

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Luka has gotten few tattoos since he came to America, but he says he’s holding a spot for a possible NBA championship. For a player of Doncic’s character, it’s a matter of when — not if.

Not even LeBron James was putting up the type of numbers that Doncic is at this age. At this rate, it’ll be a surprise if he doesn’t end up with an eighth tattoo sooner rather than later.

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