Malcolm Jenkins Just Destroyed Donald Trump For Ignorant Stance

With the recent upticks in the awareness in the social injustices that the black community continues to face, it has brought forth stronger support from the sports community. That has foreseeably led to President Donald Trump to voice his disdain toward kneeling during the national anthem. It didn’t take long for New Orleans Saint star safety Malcolm Jenkins to issue a strong response to that statement.

Donald Trump’s stance on kneeling

Over the last few years, President Donald Trump’s stance toward kneeling during the national anthem has been well-documented.

Trump continues to believe that action during that specific moment at sporting events qualifies as disrespecting the flag, the country, and the military. He again went that route on social media on Monday, voicing that he is looking forward to sports being back in action but will check out of watching if any player decides to kneel.

It’s a stern stance that he has held through his presidency that has further divided the entire situation. That all began when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick elected to kneel during the 2016 season to bring attention to the social injustices that the black community continues to deal with daily.

Trump has drawn a line in the sand, even with the rise in social issues over the last several weeks. In light of these recent comments, one current NFL star has fired back at the president’s remarks.

Malcolm Jenkins blast Donald Trump for his kneeling comments

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Although it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump has stuck firm with kneeling during the national anthem, it’s something that continues to draw strong feedback.

That saw Saints star safety Malcolm Jenkins respond to the president’s statement as he aired out that there remains a lack of understanding for why players are kneeling. (H/T Newsweek)

“He understands the point [of the protest] at this point but he is choosing to ignore it,” the Saints safety said after Lemon had suggested Trump had still not grasped the reason behind players kneeling was trying to turn the gesture into a political issue.

“I think anybody who’s looking to use sports, especially this year, as an outlet to kind of get away from what’s happening right now in our country is probably gonna be sadly mistaken especially as we move towards the fall.”

Throughout the last four years, it has been laid out clearly as to why the players elect to kneel. It’s to bring much-needed attention to the social injustices that the black community continues to face. Since the tragic passing of George Floyd back in late May, there has been a greater emphasis and embracing from professional athletes of all sports to support the movement for social change.

Expect plenty of players to kneel

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Regardless of what President Donald Trump has to say on the matter, there was already a strong push from players across all sports to show further support for social change.

If anything, his comments could further push them to kneel during the national anthem. It’s an action that has been flatly misinterpreted over the last few years and thrown into conjunction with disrespecting the military even though there is no correlation. There continues to be backlash toward the kneeling despite it having purely genuine and rightful intentions.

It’s a point of view on the entire subject that will continue to get lost due to the strong opposition that focuses on a misguided premise. Nonetheless, the course of action the players not only in NFL but all sports are taking will hopefully lead to some much-needed change.