Manning Brothers Continue Awfully Awesome Rap Tradition

The Manning siblings, Peyton and Eli, have been noted for their willingness to endorse an array of things when they’re not actively playing in the NFL. Last season, the NFL public was treated to gold plated gold when the brothers teamed up forĀ a DirectTV promotional spot that promised Football on Your Phone. There was rapping. There was bling. There was, arguably, the most ham-fisted blast of cultural appropriation this side of Vanilla Ice, featuring dad joke-y, self-aware lines like “Your phone ain’t for callin’/your phone’s for footballing.” It was so bad it was good, and so good it was bad, that a sequel seemed inevitable.

This time around, the brothers are promoting DirectTV’s Fantasy Football channel. If you guess that it’s a channel that’s dedicated to Fantasy Football, you’re exactly right. If you think jokes about Chris Johnson’s hair and Joe Namath making moves on your mom are funny, then you’ll enjoy this commercial (they are, and the ad is hilarious.)

As for the real reason behind this wonderful moment in Internet advertising, we’re now marginally more aware of DirectTV’s channel than we were before we watched Eli Manning rap about riding a winged horse into space for a family reunion. Read the second half of that sentence again.

As far as we can tell, the Mannings spend the majority of their time being very, very serious about football, and not very serious about how they’re perceived by the public. They seem happiest being in on the joke that defines them — that they’re a pair of hyper-square white dudes — and playing on that expectation in order to make people laugh. Mission accomplished.