Marcus Peters Pays the Price for His Celebration Against the Titans

The Baltimore Ravens are coming into the divisional round feeling confident. They defeated their subtle nemesis in the Tennessee Titans during the wild-card round of the playoffs. Lamar Jackson led the way, but Marcus Peters and Baltimore’s defense sealed the deal. 

The veteran cornerback intercepted Ryan Tannehill late in the game, giving the Ravens the victory. There was bad blood between the two squads, which trickled over into the game itself. After Peters snagged the game-winning interception, he had something to say to Tennessee’s sideline. Hopefully, whatever he had to say was worth it because the NFL has punished Peters for his actions.

The bad blood between the Ravens and Titans

The Titans and Ravens have some history between each other, and it isn’t pleasant. The teams have met three times in the past two seasons, with each game being a physical and gritty affair. Tennessee has the edge 2-1 in the past three, but their pre and postgame antics have fostered the growing hate between these two franchises.

It started in Week 11 of the 2020 season. Baltimore and Tennessee were set to do battle in a huge AFC matchup. Before the game, Titans players were dancing, stomping, and jumping on the Raven’s midfield logo. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh didn’t appreciate this and went out to confront the Titans players. A shouting match ensued, and Titans coach Mike Vrabel got involved in the war of wards too. The Titans would go on to win that game in overtime 30-24.

The Ravens exacted revenge on the Titans in the wild-card round. They defeated the Titans at home 20-13. Marcus Peters and the team celebrated the interception that clinched the game by rushing midfield and standing on the Titans logo. It was seen as a method of payback for the Titans logo antics weeks prior.

As Peters celebrated with his team on Tennessee’s logo, he yelled something out to the Titans sideline. It wasn’t called for a flag on the field, but the NFL didn’t like what Peters said to the opposing sideline. They decided to punish him in his pockets, making Peter pay up for his choice words. 

Marcus Peters is fined for his actions in the wild-card game

Whatever Peter yelled at the Titans must’ve been unnecessary and offensive because the NFL has fined him $15,000 for his actions in the Ravens’ wild-card victory. According to ESPN, Peters was fined for “physical actions directed at the Titans bench.” 

Peters was the only Ravens player fined because of his actions during the celebration. There were roughly 15 other players who joined in on rushing the field and standing on the Titans logo. It is unknown if any of the other players said anything. Based on the report, Peters isn’t even being fined for what he said. After the interception, Peters put the ball down at midfield and had his arms outstretched toward Tennessee’s sideline. 

The payback came at a price for Peters. His passion and personality are what make him such an intense and great player in the NFL. However, it is that same personality that has gotten him into trouble with the league. This recent fine isn’t the first time he’s been disciplined by the NFL for his bad behavior.

Marcus Peters has a history of being disciplined by the NFL


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Watching Peters play and his press conferences, it’s easy to see that he is a person who isn’t afraid to confront someone. He is also someone who will do what he wants and pay the consequences later. He has been in some trouble in the past, as the NFL has disciplined Peters multiple times.

In fact, Peter’s fine for his actions against the Titans was the third time the NFL has fined him in the past 13 months. He had to pay a fine of over $14,000 in January 2019 for another celebration he did against the Buffalo Bills. After breaking up a pass play, Peter jumped into Buffalo’s stands to celebrate, drinking a fan’s beer. 

Then came his actions in December against the Cleveland Browns. Jarvis Landry called Peters a “coward” after he said the cornerback spit in his direction while he was walking away. Video evidence showed this, but Peters denied it was directed at Landry. The NFL fined Peters 12,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Those are the two most recent incidents, but Peters has a bad reputation for his actions in the league.

Marcus Peters is a passionate player, and sometimes the emotions get the best of him. His wallet is getting hit again with another fine. Peters has bigger things to worry about, as he will be facing Josh Allen and one of the league’s hottest offense in the divisional round.