Mark Davis Throws Shade at Rich Bisaccia as Raiders Get Awarded Super Bowl LVIII in 2024

Things in Sin City have been rough around the Las Vegas Raiders organization amid a devastating season. Jon Gruden was fired, Henry Ruggs was released following his arrest, and the Raiders quickly went from 3-0 to a fringe playoff contender. But, they received some good news as it was made official that the Raiders are hosting Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in 2024. That is a massive deal for the franchise, but owner Mark Davis had some interesting comments that appeared to be throwing shade toward interim head coach Rich Bisaccia.

Raiders named host of Super LVIII in 2024 at Allegiant Stadium

It finally happened. The announcement officially came on Wednesday, and the Raiders owner delivered a statement in an exciting time for the franchise and the city.

Getting the opportunity to host the Super Bowl is quite the opportunity, and the Raiders’ decision to move from Oakland to Las Vegas already seems to be paying off.

Las Vegas is also hosting the 2022 NFL Draft and the 2022 Pro Bowl, but nothing is as big as the Super Bowl.

Mark Davis gave some eye-opening comments that might anger Rich Bisaccia

Davis took the podium will a huge smile on his face — and why not? The Super Bowl coming to Las Vegas is a huge opportunity, and one of the reasons why moving to Sin City made a ton of sense.

But, Davis issued some other more eye-opening comments, including one about the current state of the team (h/t Vic Tafur of The Athletic).

“When you’re not winning on the field, it’s nice to win off it.”

Mark Davis

Yikes. If that isn’t a shot toward Bisaccia and the 2021 Raiders, then what is?

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for your team. After a 3-0 start, the Raiders have crumbled and dropped to 6-7 on the season, including another blowout at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sure, they can still make the playoff, but the product has not looked good on the field. Now, is that Bisaccia’s fault entirely? Probably not, but it isn’t helping his case at potentially sticking around after the season.

This comment also says something about Davis as well. Although fans have called for him to sell the team, that won’t happen anytime soon.

The Raiders second half has not looked good and Mark Davis is likely going to search for another head coach

Raiders owner Mark Davis after Las Vegas awarded Super Bowl LVIII in 2024.
Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis | Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Raiders Dysfunction Continues After Rich Bisaccia’s Latest Comments Point to His Inevitable End

Now, taking over midseason as the head coach is demanding. Taking over a team in Bisaccia’s situation is even more difficult. Yet, somehow, he has done it and managed to fare decently.

However, the team on the field has failed to compete time and time again. Despite a Thanksgiving Day overtime victory against the Dallas Cowboys, the Raiders have looked lost and confused on the field. They have lost five of the past six games and scored less than 20 points in all of the losses.

Derek Carr doesn’t have a reliable pass-catcher besides Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller has missed time, and the defense has done a poor job all around.

Bisaccia himself hasn’t done any favors, either, and his recent comments show that he might not be the right guy for the job.

It’s beginning to look more and more like Davis will search elsewhere for the next head coach in Las Vegas, especially if things keep going the way they have.