Marshawn Lynch Hilariously Shows Love to Tom Brady After Tyrann Mathieu Altercation

Much of Super Bowl 55 was a lackluster affair. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers jumped all over the Kansas City Chiefs, beating them 31-9. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the game was the ongoing beef between Brady and Tyrann Mathieu. Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is one of the league’s OGs, so he had something to say about the two stars going at it.

Beast Mode keeps it real, which makes for classic content anytime he sits down for an interview. On The Complex Sports Podcast, he talked about various things, but him talking about the verbal altercation is the Marshawn Lynch content sports fans enjoy.

Marshawn Lynch shows respect to Tom Brady for Tyrann Mathieu spat

During his day, Marshawn Lynch played the game of football with no fear. His running style reflected that, as did his attitude on the field. He wasn’t one to take much from his opponents and made sure they knew he was about business. The respect he had for TB12 was always there, but it just went up a notch after he witnessed Brady getting after Mathieu during Super Bowl 55. 

“You seen him though get at little Honey Badger like yeah you feel me? In my mind when I’m looking at it…’Honey Badger is about to pop this [expletive] in his mouth or something’ but…He [Brady] come back again. I’m like, ‘damn he going in.’…I said ‘TB12’ acting like he a straight Town goon right now,” said Lynch via The Complex Sports Podcast.

Lynch’s reaction was similar to most of the audience watching, as they saw a side of Brady that is rarely seen. Tyrann Mathieu said that Brady said something he “won’t repeat” and that he “never saw that side” of him before. From the tone of Lynch’s voice, he sounded like he was all for the war of words between the two stars. He’s not one to shy away from confrontation either.

Beast Mode is from Oakland, California, something he reps proudly to this day. Many might not know that Tom Brady is also a California native, which is what Marshawn Lynch discussed next in his interview. He thinks Brady’s hometown is overshadowing the inner “goon” that is inside him.

Marshawn Lynch hilariously claims Tom Brady as part of Oakland

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When it comes to Oakland legends, Marshawn Lynch is one of them. He was raised there and went to the University of California, where he was a standout running back. Lynch personifies what an Oakland native is supposed to be, from his attitude to his work ethic. Brady isn’t from Oakland; he is from San Mateo, across the San Francisco Bay. 

After seeing how Brady handled himself against Mathieu, Lynch thinks he’s got the moxie to be an Oakland native. He tweeted out to the seven-time champion, claiming him as one of Oakland’s own in typical Beast Mode fashion.

“Tom Brady from the town now no more that bay s— me the black delegation draft TB12 to Oakland, Ca…. welcome home Tom. Yes, Lawd!!!! 10 piece chicken McNugget wit all da sauce,” said Lynch.

During his interview, Lynch elaborated on the tweet, saying that he believes Brady’s hometown of San Mateo doesn’t show him in the best light in terms of street credit.

“The spot he that from in the Bay, it ain’t doing him no justice though. You feel me? TB, aye bruh. If you do ever come back to the Bay, you ain’t gotta go all the way out there [San Mateo] bro. You come slide through the fo’…Kick it with me and the squad and s—.

What’s Beast Mode up to after retirement?

Now in retirement, Lynch is taking advantage of the opportunities available to him. He follows his mantra of “take care of yo chicken,” embarking on successful business ventures. He recently took an ownership stake in the Fan Controlled Football league. Along with having his own team in the league, Lynch made his debut as a commentator.

The reviews on Beast Mode’s broadcasting ability are positive. Some are even calling for him to call NFL games. Besides being a part of the FCF, Lynch also has ownership in Dodi Blunts, a cannabis company. He details his investment strategy during his interview, explaining how putting himself in the room with big names and absorbing information was key to his success off the field.

Investments and business ventures aren’t the only things keeping him busy during retirement. He’s been in numerous ads for Subway, promoting their subs and protein bowls. He’s in commercials for Lays chips, endorsing their various snacks. Life is good for Lynch, enjoying retirement and putting his people on.

Tom Brady didn’t back down from Tyrann Mathieu, and Marshawn Lynch made sure to compliment him in classic Beast Mode fashion. He saw Brady’s “goon” side, something that he doesn’t show often. If TB12 comes back to the Bay, he knows he’s good to hang out with Lynch and his crew as an honorary Oakland resident.