Matt Corral: The 4 Best NFL Draft Landing Spots for the Ole Miss Rebels’ Star QB

The 2022 NFL Draft is inching ever closer, and Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral is a wanted man. Depending on the mock draft, the reigning second-team All-SEC signal-caller is projected to go anywhere from the first 10 picks to early in the second round.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, we had a clear idea of where a quarterback in this year’s class would be drafted?

So, which teams should select Corral in the upcoming draft? For this list, we weighed everything from the current quarterback situation to the overall fit. In other words, something tells us the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs don’t plan on selecting Corral. Also, teams are ranked alphabetically over preference.

Finally, although we did reference the possibility of teams trading up, we did not create detailed trade packages.

Based on consideration of the aforementioned prerequisites, we believe the following teams should target Corral in next week’s draft.

Honorable mention: Baltimore Ravens

You can stop glaring at us, Ravens fans. As of publication, Lamar Jackson still hadn’t signed a new contract, and there is little reason to believe such a move will happen anytime soon. The 2019 NFL MVP is entering the final year of his rookie contract and could hit unrestricted free agency next spring.

Could, and should, the Ravens select Corral as Jackson’s potential successor?

Well, so much of this depends on how far Corral falls in the draft. Baltimore almost certainly isn’t using the 14th overall pick on a quarterback, especially not when there is a Derek Stingley Jr.-sized hole at cornerback. But could the Ravens trade back into the first round and add the Ole Miss standout later?

The idea doesn’t sound as ridiculous as one might think, even if the Ravens are high on Tyler Huntley. All it takes is one injury for Jackson’s Ravens career to effectively end, and the organization would be wise to have multiple potential long-term options waiting in the wings.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints own the 16th and 19th overall picks, which could put the Super Bowl 44 champions in a position to move up for a quarterback. Corral is a dynamic dual-threat quarterback who could thrive in an offense that already has Alvin Kamara entrenched as a versatile all-purpose back. Although former All-Pro receiver Michael Thomas has barely played the last two seasons, his chances of returning to form will only increase if he has Corral’s cannon throwing his way.

Then again, Thomas’ best way of returning to form is by, you know, staying on the field.

Of the teams on this list, I believe the Saints are the best fit for Corral. New Orleans can bring the 23-year-old along slowly, especially after re-signing Jameis Winston earlier this spring, before handing the starting reins to him either midway through the 2022 campaign or ahead of the 2023 season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

What will the Steelers do at quarterback? Good question. If Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett is still available when the six-time Super Bowl champions pick at No. 21, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the hometown hero (of sorts, since the 2021 Heisman Trophy finalist is from New Jersey) remain in the Steel City.

But, if Pickett isn’t around, Corral also makes sense for the Black and Yellow. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin already has two older and experienced options in Mason Rudolph and Mitchell Trubisky, and although there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t allow a rookie to compete for the starting job, he wouldn’t be rushed to prepare for a Week 1 debut.

Still, something tells us it will be Pickett or bust this cycle, especially given Trubisky’s presence on the roster.

Seattle Seahawks

I don’t love the idea of the Seahawks selecting Corral at No. 9. Seattle has far more significant needs, especially on defense, and they must make the most of such an early pick.

Now, if the Seahawks were to use the ninth overall pick on, say, a cornerback or a pass-rusher before trading back into the first, that’s another story entirely. I could live with that, and I think Corral could as well.

One thing to consider: Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was Lane Kiffin’s boss at Southern California in the early 2000s, and Kiffin served as Corral’s head coach at Ole Miss the last two seasons. Call it poetry or call it familiarity, but don’t underestimate the value in those two knowing one another as well as they do.

Tennessee Titans

It feels like most years, there’s the one team that no one expects to select a quarterback early … and does it anyway. The Ravens did it with Jackson in 2018, and the Green Bay Packers tried it with Jordan Love two years later. Jackson took over the starting job midway through his rookie season and never relinquished it.

Love, on the other hand, has seen 131 snaps in two years. Oops.

Although the Titans haven’t officially given up on Ryan Tannehill yet, there is no reason to believe the franchise is committed to him beyond next season. Tennessee, which holds the 26th overall pick in April’s draft, could cut the Texas A&M product in the spring of 2023 and only incur $18.8 million in dead cap.

If the Titans are open to selecting a quarterback and essentially redshirting him in 2022, Corral is a fine option. As strange of a partnership as this might sound, we like the idea — and in the end, isn’t that what matters?

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