Matt LaFleur Is Convinced He Holds Strong Relationship With Aaron Rodgers

Since the 2020 NFL draft, there have been lingering questions around Aaron Rodgers’ long-term future with the Green Bay Packers. The team’s selection of former Utah State product Jordan Love after moving up into the first round has put forth the discussion that Rodgers may be out of Green Bay much sooner than initially anticipated. With that in mind, head coach Matt LaFleur holds the firm belief that his standing with the two-time league MVP.

Packers take Jordan Love in 2020 draft

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The entire chatter around Aaron Rodgers’ standing with the Packers began to arise after the team made the surprising decision to move into the first-round to take Jordan Love.

There had been some chatter that Green Bay had some interest in Love, but the trade into the backend in the first round push the discussion to Rodgers’ long-term future. That had marked the first time that the team took a quarterback in the first round since the selection of Rodgers back in 2005.

The 36-year-old has held firm as the starting quarterback over the last decade. However, the decision to bring in another young talent puts a proverbial marker at the beginning to the end of Rodgers’ tenure with the franchise.

It has also questioned the relationship between the star quarterback and head coach Matt LaFleur since Love’s arrival. LaFleur has come out with a strong stance about his standing with Rodgers.

Matt LaFleur believes he has solid standing with Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers’ long-term future with the Packers is seemingly up in the air, which reasonably shifts the discussion over to his relationship with LaFleur.

Green Bay has worked its way toward cooling the flames of the chatter around that matter. LaFleur addressed the subject last week by voicing that he and Rodgers have a “good” standing that seems the speak to each other multiple times a week. (H/T

“We talk four times a week whenever we get those opportunities to meet in those individual meetings, and I feel really good about where we’re at,” LaFleur said. “We both understand that this is a business.”

What is most telling about those comments is that LaFleur aired out that both sides understand that it is a business more than anything else. The Packers’ decision to take Love likely laid with their belief that he could be their future after Rodgers. It may not be what the Pro Bowler envisions, but it’s a matter that is out of his control.

That is part of the business that often sees all-time greats finish their careers with another franchise such as Joe Montana and Tom Brady having to go that route.

Will Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers stay on strong standing?

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The Packers may not outright state it publicly that Aaron Rodgers’ clock is ticking with the franchise, but the decision to take another quarterback in the first round of the draft is as clear as it gets.

Rodgers knew that from the get-go, which makes his initial comments about being open to the idea that he may have to continue his career elsewhere should make the picture clearer. His contract situation works out in a manner that could see the team part ways with him as early as 2022 as he’s only a $17 million dead cap hit and $2.8 million the next offseason.

The writing on the wall is there, which Rodgers will make the most of the situation that includes keeping a strong business relationship with Matt LaFleur.