Matthew Stafford’s Wife Is Once Again the Center of Controversial Remarks

Over the last few months, Matthew Stafford and his family have experienced a couple of COVID-19 scares. The continued rise in new cases of the virus has generated more significant public concern and precautionary action. All that has led to Detroit Lions‘ star quarterback’s wife, Kelly Stafford, to make some controversial comments.

Matthew Stafford’s troubles with COVID-19

In the weeks before the 2020 season, Matthew Stafford had his struggles with COVID-19.

The virus heavily impacted Stafford and his family in the weeks before the campaign. He had a false positive test result back in training camp. His situation led to the NFL adopting the protocol that protects players from false positives.

Stafford had another ordeal with the virus as he was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list by the Lions on Nov. 4 due to potential close contact. The Pro Bowler was cleared after he and his wife tested negative, and he has remained in the fold without any further setbacks.

All that has led to the star quarterback’s wife to vent her frustration with the situation over social media.

Matthew Stafford’s wife pushes back at COVID-19 restrictions

The pair of COVID-19 scares, along with the strict health restrictions and protocols, have worn down many over the last few months.

These conditions led Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, to vent her frustrations with the situation in Michigan through Instagram story videos, calling it a “dictatorship.” (H/T The Detroit News)

I’m so over it,” Stafford said. “I’m so over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan. I understand there’s a pandemic, and I understand it’s very scary. I’m scared of it, too. If you are at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine.

“But, shutting down all these small businesses, things that people have worked their life for, shutting them down again is not the answer, because they will not make it, so once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left. I’m just over it. I see all these people, and it brings me, like, to tears. …”

These comments came after a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services order went into effect on Wednesday. The new policies include temporarily shutting down in-person instruction at school, indoor dine-in services at restaurants, closing of some business.

Stafford’s remarks were made out of frustration but have drawn much criticism. Many have pointed to her having the luxury of living in a multi-million dollar home and having the extra necessities due to financial stability.

She has already apologized for her comments by stating they were made in the heat of the moment while saying using the word “dictatorship” wasn’t the best word choice. Her comments only further downplayed the seriousness of the situation as there has been a significant uptick in COVID-19 Case, with Michigan recently reporting 7,072 new cases last Saturday.

Not the first controversial comments made


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Although these were spur of the moment remarks from Kelly Stafford, it isn’t the first time she has been in the news for what she said via social media.

Stafford made headlines back in August 2017 after initially bashing Colin Kaepernick for his decision to kneel. Like many others, she felt that kneeling was a sign of disrespect toward the American flag, which brings more attention to the social injustices in the country.

Kelly has since publicly apologized for his strong remarks by saying the “political rhetoric” persuaded her into thinking Kaepernick’s actions were disrespectful. There is now a greater understanding of the matter through another learning situation.