Matthew Stafford’s Wife Won’t Be the NFL’s Only Problem This Year

The NFL has continued to move optimistically toward playing out the 2020 season. However, issues continue to arise, with many players opting out of playing and more positive tests for the coronavirus emerging. That has seen things take a tough route with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s recent false-positive test result that put him and his family in a rough spot. However, the situation underlines another issue that the league may have that could derail the entire campaign.

Matthew Stafford’s wife bashes NFL

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The NFL continues to work through a rough past few weeks with the goal of playing the 2020 season.

That saw a massive issue with Matthew Stafford‘s coronavirus testing that put him in a rough holding pattern. The Lions initially responded by putting him on the reserve/COVID-19 list. That immediately drew the chatter that he may have tested positive for the virus, but it turned out that it was a false positive, and he was taken off the list.

The entire process led to a rough ordeal for Stafford’s family to work through over the last four days. His wife, Kelly Stafford, took to social media to blast the NFL as the cause for their hardships. She outlined that her family was harassed at the grocery store, and her kids were kicked off a playground, among other things. These issues were all brought on by the Lions star quarterback getting a faulty test result.

These personal issues all came about due to the false-positive test that speaks to a much bigger problem that the NFL could continue to face the season draws closer.

Bigger problems for NFL aside from Matthew Stafford

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While it is encouraging news to see that Matthew Stafford did not have the virus, it does underline a more significant issue that the league will have.

The possibility of more false-positive results could put many players’ health in jeopardy. There could easily be the situation to arise where a false-negative test can occur, allowing that player(s) to remain around their colleague with unknowingly having the virus. That could create a huge issue that can lead to an outbreak, affecting far more people than those playing in the NFL.

That is a problem that the league should be well-aware of that possibility being on the table. It’s something that will require a greater emphasis on putting forth strict health measures to ensure the players’ safety. There are many ways that the situation can go awry if things are not handled appropriately as the testing may not be as bulletproof as many believe.

Walking a tightrope moving forward

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There are many factors at play with the entire situation that has left much doubt from the players.

That has seen more than 40 players elect to opt-out of playing the 2020 campaign due to lingering concerns over the virus. It’s an issue that centers on the NFL’s lack of a coherent health protocol that can best handle the situation. It led the players to orchestrate series of tweets with many of their biggest stars, such as Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt, to air out their concerns.

That forced the NFL to move toward committing to an expected $75 million to do daily testing for the coronavirus. Other issues need to be resolved, such as the percentage of the pay cut that players will take for the 2020 season. The possibility of false test results in either direction adds another layer of trouble that could see things quickly get off track.

What it should do for the league is to underline further the importance of the health procedures to keep the players and those involved off the field safe.