Max Holloway Can Thank NBA Star DeMar DeRozan for Helping Him in a Big Way

UFC fighter Max Holloway has a lot to be thankful for. If you ask him how his life has been, he would tell you that it’s been blessed. That’s why ‘blessed’ is his nickname.

Holloway dealt with a lot during his career, and he credits an NBA player for helping him get through the tough times in his life.

Max Holloway’s has become one of the best fighters in UFC

Holloway is currently No. 10 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings and is No. 1 in the UFC featherweight rankings. He has put in a lot of hard work to become one of the best. In 2012 he started to gain recognition throughout the sport. He was the No. 7 ranked featherweight prospect at the time. During 2012 he was the youngest fighter on the UFC roster when he made his promotional debut as an injury replacement at UFC 143. Holloway lost the fight by submission in the first round. Throughout his career, he started to gain more notoriety and started to make a name for himself.

In 2013 he fought Conor McGregor at UFC Fight Night 26 and lost by unanimous decision. After that loss to McGregor, Holloway took his game to another level. He went on to win 13 straight matches, and during that winning streak, he became the youngest UFC fighter to get 10 wins. In 2016 he won the interim UFC Featherweight Championship by defeating Anthony Pettis. The next year he defeated Jose Aldo to win and unify the featherweight title.

Holloway successfully defended his title on three occasions defeating Aldo again in 2017, Brian Ortega in 2018, and Frankie Edgar in 2019. In April of 2019, Holloway lost to Dustin Poirier for the interim UFC Lightweight Championship. That was the first time he lost a match since 2013. In his most recent match in December of 209, he lost his featherweight title to Alexander Volkanovski. His record currently stands at 21-5, and he will have a rematch with Volkanovski for the Featherweight title on July 11, 2020. Though Holloway has had a lot of success throughout his career, he has faced some tough times.

Max Holloway dealt with depression in 2018

Holloway only had one fight in 2018, which he won. Coming into 2017, it seemed as though no one could beat him. He had 12 straight wins and won the featherweight title. Things were headed in the right direction for Holloway’s career. But that would quickly change in 2018. He was supposed to fight on three different occasions, but he could not compete because of injuries that he suffered. That was a massive blow because Holloway was ready to fight in all three matches, but the decision was out of his control.

In an article from, Holloway talked about how he was going through depression during that time in 2018. He talked about how depression is not brought up that much, especially when fighters and athletes are involved. In a post on Twitter, Holloway wrote, “Because you only see me for 30 minutes a year, you might not know MMA is actually a team sport. For the thousands of hours outside the Octagon, I’m nothing without my team. Life is a team sport. You need help, bless yourself and build your team.” No one knows what happens behind closed doors or off the camera. People go through real struggles each day, and Holloway understands the importance of having a great support system that’s always there for him.

Max Holloway gives credit to DeMar DeRozan for speaking up about depression

One reason that Holloway spoke out about depression was because of NBA star DeMar DeRozan. When DeRozan talked about his own battle with depression, that inspired Holloway to speak up and address the topic. When Holloway saw an athlete like DeRozan, who is well-known, speak out about depression, Holloway felt he could do the same.

“That was one of the things that helped me through,” Holloway said in the article. “I was a big Toronto Raptors fan. I was kind of sad he got traded away too, but at the end of the day, hearing someone like him talk about it was kind of crazy.” It’s not easy for people to talk about something like depression, and it definitely shows how brave they are when they do talk about it.