McGregor vs Diaz and 2 Other UFC Fights That Need to Happen

After Nate Diaz beat Anthony Pettis in a thrilling 3 round decision, the potential matchups available for Diaz and others like Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal blew wide open. With McGregor saying that he’s eager to return to the octagon, there are now so many UFC fights that just have to happen in the near future. Here are just 3 of those fights.

McGregor vs. Diaz 3

Although Diaz avoided calling out McGregor at all after his victory, this is still a fight that fans have to see. Diaz, after a 3-year layoff, fought like a completely new man, and so a final fight to settle the beef between the two men makes the most sense. 

McGregor congratulated Diaz for his victory in an Instagram post and then stated that he’s willing to fight Diaz again if Diaz wants the fight.

With McGregor coming off a long layoff after his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov, fighting Diaz makes a lot of sense for him. He needs to show the world that he’s not going to be punching old men at bars anymore, but rather, he’s going to be punching people in the face inside the octagon. With Diaz, not only is there a compelling story going into a third fight, but it’s also a UFC fight that McGregor knows he can win.

This fight makes a lot of sense for Diaz too, as he knows he can beat McGregor. In fact, the first time the two fought, Diaz beat him on just 10 days notice. Plus, both fights between the two men were extremely popular and made them millions of dollars. A third one to cap things off should do the same, and the two men can always use more money.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 3

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After Miocic came back and knocked out Daniel Cormier in an upset victory at UFC 241, Miocic has a lot of options available. A lot of fans want to see Miocic fight Jon Jones, the nearly undefeated light heavyweight champion. However, because of how Miocic’s fight against Cormier went down, a trilogy fight to cap things off makes the most sense. 

Cormier was dominating Miocic for most of the fight. In round 1, Cormier showed off his impressive wrestling skills and slammed Miocic onto the mat. For the rest of the fight, it was all Cormier, who, despite being shorter than Miocic, was able to land more strikes and do more damage to him.

However, Miocic’s coaches gave him some great advice between rounds 3 and 4. They told him to punch Cormier’s body, and he did just that. This adjustment was incredible, as despite losing 3 rounds, Miocic landed body shot after body shot, and they eventually led him to knocking Cormier out. 

Cormier is still considering retiring, but if he doesn’t, then a trilogy fight to finish his career would make the most sense. Cormier won the first time, Miocic won the second. A third and final fight would settle the question of who the best heavyweight in the UFC really is.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson

This fight is the white whale for UFC fans. The two men don’t have real beef with each other, but both men are on amazing win streaks. Nurmagomedov is 27-0 in the UFC, and Ferguson has won 12 fights in a row. The UFC has tried to get the two men to fight each other 4 times, but each time, something happened to stop the fight from happening.

In 2015, the two were scheduled to fight, but Nurmagomedov pulled out with an injury. In 2016, the two were scheduled to fight again, but Ferguson pulled out with an injury.

Then 2017, the two were scheduled to fight for the lightweight title, but Nurmagomedov pulled out due to an issue with his weight cut. Most recently in 2018, the two were scheduled again to fight for the title, but Ferguson injured himself after tripping on a wire and had to pull out.

Some fans think that this fight is cursed, and it very well might be. However, with Nurmagomedov as the champion and with Ferguson beating everybody that the UFC puts in front of him, the two must fight, eventually.