Meet Deion Sanders’ Son, a 2021 Quarterback Prospect

Deion Sanders is one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history. Naturally, Shedeur Sanders, one of his five kids, wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. The 17-year-old has a bright future if he remains dedicated to the sport. You will want to remember Shedeur’s name because you’ll likely hear it in the future.

Shedeur’s athletic beginnings

Shedeur has had an amazing high school career so far. In his first two years as a starter, the quarterback has won two state championships and thrown for 76 touchdowns and nearly 5,500 yards. With two more years of high school ahead, he has the chance to win two more state championships and improve his passing numbers.

To help his development, Deion’s son worked on his throwing mechanics. Shedeur’s coaches rave about his work ethic, both in the film room and on the practice field. If he continues his hard work, the sky is the limit as a high school quarterback.

The pressure to pick a college

At least 18 top college football programs, including Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, LSU, Florida State, and Tennessee, have already given Shedeur offers. As he develops, the class of 2021 quarterback will receive even more.

Quarterbacks often commit to schools early, and the 2021 class is no exception. Programs like Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Alabama have already had one quarterback commit. The two best college football programs in Texas, the University of Texas and Texas A&M, also have 2021 quarterbacks committed. There’s no doubt Shedeur is already feeling the pressure to determine his college football career.

A lot of options exist for the 17-year-old. Schools like Florida State, Georgia, and LSU still have QB openings. Prospects de-commit from schools all the time, and some schools will take two quarterbacks in one class. 

Shedeur could commit to a program with less prestige if he feels it’s the right fit. His brother, Shilo Sanders, is a cornerback at the University of South Carolina, and their dad has praised the coaching staff there. As long as Shedeur keeps improving, he’ll get a chance at a major college program.  

A future in the NFL?

At this point, we can only speculate if Shedeur will make it into the NFL. He has the benefit of his father’s knowledge and experience. However, several other factors will also determine if he makes it.

Shedeur needs the chance to start as a college QB to prove he can play at a high level. He doesn’t need to start all four years. (Players like Mitch Trubisky and Kyler Murray only needed to start one year to be top NFL picks.) Shedeur will also have to beat other talented college quarterbacks to become a starter. If he can’t win the QB battle, he may need to transfer schools to find a better opportunity.

One concern is that Shedeur stops developing. He has a great set of skills, but all college quarterbacks must improve. In college, Shedeur will need to get stronger, improve his decision-making as a quarterback, and work on his mechanics. Regardless, we’re certain you’ll hear more from this young football star.