Meet Jon Rauch: The Tallest Player in the History of Major League Baseball

If someone saw Jon Rauch walking down a street, it wouldn’t be surprising to think that he was a basketball player. Standing at 6’11, Rauch did not play basketball, but he played another sport, which was baseball.

Rauch is the tallest player in MLB history. He played 11 seasons in the league for seven different teams. He was a right-handed pitcher and made his MLB debut in 2002.

Jon Rauch’s MLB career

Rauch was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the third round of the 1999 draft. He was a member of the USA team that won the gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It took him three years to reach the big leagues. In his first season with the White Sox in 2002, he made eight appearances on the mound and finished with a 2-1 record with a 6.59.

As soon as he came into the MLB, he towered over everyone. He spent two seasons with the White Sox and then played for the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals after. Rauch made history during his time with the Expos. The pitcher hit a home run off of Roger Clemens, which made him the tallest player to hit a home run in the MLB.

Rauch spent time as a starting pitcher and as a reliever. In 2007, he led the majors with 88 appearances playing with the Nationals. He finished that season with an 8-4 record, four saves, and a 3.61 ERA. As a reliever, he led the team in victories that season.

He had another successful season in 2009 playing for the Minnesota Twins. Appearing in 17 games, Rauch posted a 5-1 record with a 1.72 ERA. The next seasons he was moved to the closer position and had 21 saves in 25 chances. The right-handed pitcher finished his career with a 43-40 record, 3.90 ERA, and 475 strikeouts.

Causing a scene in Toronto

During the 2011 season with the Toronto Blue Jays, Rauch caused a scene during a game. The Blue Jays were playing the Philadelphia Phillies, and Rauch was pitching. There was a play at the plate where the umpire called the Phillies’ runner safe in a close play.

Rauch was not happy about the call and immediately confronted the home plate umpire. Rauch had to be held back by multiple members of the Blue Jays as he was arguing with the umpire. He ended up being ejected, but he gave the crowd a show.

At the top of the list

The MLB has seen its fair share of tall players over the years. Including Rauch, there are only three other players listed 6’10 or taller. It’s not surprising that all three of those players were pitchers.

Currently, the tallest player in the league is pitcher Tyler Glasnow. Glasnow is listed at 6’8 and is a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. Rauch has Glasnow beat by three inches in the tallest player category.

Another famous pitcher who’s on the top of that list is Randy Johnson. A lot more people may know who Johnson is based on his accomplishments, but even he isn’t the tallest player in MLB history.