The Miami Dolphins Are Officially Punting on the 2021 Season and Setting Tua Tagovailoa up for Catastrophic Failure

The Miami Dolphins‘ 2021 season continues to get worse and worse as the weeks go by. Despite a 10-win season and promises of improvement during the offseason, Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins are 1-7 after eight weeks of football, and they don’t appear to be trending in the right direction.

They’ve lost seven straight, and they continue to be wrapped up in Deshaun Watson rumors — a trade that feels increasingly unlikely to happen before the November 2 trade deadline.

With reality beginning to set in for the Dolphins, that they simply don’t have a chance at competing this season, they’re finally embracing another rebuilding year of sorts.

The Miami Dolphins are looking to sell at the trade deadline

Before the season began, the Dolphins would’ve told you they viewed themselves as heavy “buyer” candidates heading into the year. They’d spent the past two seasons building up their roster and fleshing out their depth chart to establish themselves as a consistent playoff team.

They got close in 2020. However, with the new expanded playoff format starting in 2021, Miami was in a prime position to end their playoff drought.

However, that reality has obviously not come to fruition. Now, the Dolphins have to look forward once again and start loading up on draft capital. Maybe this turns into capital used to poach Watson away from the Houston Texans, or maybe it’s capital used to build out the Dolphins’ roster further.

Either way, a 1-7 team absolutely needs to sell at the trade deadline.

WR DeVante Parker is popping up in trade rumors

At the top of the list in Miami trade rumors is DeVante Parker. A veteran wide receiver who’s yet to establish a good relationship with Tagovaila, NFL insider Ian Rapoport is reporting he’s on the trade block.

Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker: Parker has battled injuries, but should be back on the field today. Due the balance of a $7.75 million base salary, Parker is experienced and, if he stays healthy, could be a productive playmaker. Teams have inquired about him with Miami.

Ian Rapoport,

This is a no-brainer for the Dolphins. Parker is closing in at 30 years of age and continues to struggle with his health. His style of pass-catching is a poor fit alongside Tagovailoa as well. Parker prefers 50/50 jump balls down the field, whereas Tagovailoa likes to keep things around the line of scrimmage.

Throw in the $7.75 million base salary, and the Dolphins have more than one reason to offload Parker.

The Dolphins are setting Tua Tagovailoa up for further failure

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa.
Tua Tagovailoa | Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

While the Dolphins have more than enough justification to dump Parker at the deadline, it’s worth pointing out that a selling deadline sets Tagovailoa up for an even worse second half.

Tagovailia is seemingly fighting to keep his starting job week after week due to the constant Watson rumors. Subtracting a starting WR from the equation only makes his life harder. If anything, Tagovailoa needs more weapons moving forward, or at least an improved offensive line.

Regardless, the Dolphins are 1-7. They made this bed, and now they have to lay in it. However, that doesn’t mean Tagovailoa should be happy with the direction the front office is going. A poor second half to the season could easily cost the young quarterback his spot in Miami.

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