Michael Irvin’s Praise of Tony Romo Made Stephen A. Smith Absolutely Lose His Mind on National TV: ‘What Is Wrong With You?’

When Tony Romo was the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, nobody bashed him more than Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. The veteran ESPN personality knew Romo was a good player, but Smith had a problem with all the praise the gunslinger received since Romo never delivered the goods in the playoffs.

Whenever Cowboys legend Michael Irvin is a guest on First Take, things always get heated between the Hall of Fame WR and Stephen A. Smith. When Irvin came on the show in 2017 and talked highly of Tony Romo’s career, Stephen A. lost his cool.

Tony Romo was a great QB in the regular season

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Tony Romo was a productive quarterback in the regular season for the Cowboys. He threw for 34,183 yards and 248 touchdowns in 156 games while completing 65.3% of his passes.

The Cowboys were 78-49 when Romo started. The Eastern Illinois product made four Pro Bowls and led the NFL in completion percentage and QBR during the 2014 season.

Romo led the Cowboys to the playoffs four times. He went 2-4 and never played in an NFC Championship Game. Romo’s blunders in the playoffs were Stephen A. Smith’s biggest issue with the signal-caller. The ESPN pundit didn’t understand why Romo was so loved by everyone and got a $108 million contract in 2013 despite failing in the postseason.

One of the main reasons people loved Tony Romo is because he was undrafted and turned into a Pro Bowl QB. While Stephen A. Smith appreciated the hard work Romo put into his craft, he absolutely lost his mind when Michael Irvin called the California native underappreciated.

Stephen A. Smith to Michael Irvin: ‘What is wrong with you?’

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Michael Irvin said outside of Tom Brady, Tony Romo has one of the greatest NFL stories since he was undrafted out of college. When Stephen A. Smith heard his friend say that Romo is not appreciated enough, he went off on the former Cowboys superstar.

“What is wrong with you? It’s not just about numbers,” Smith said to Irvin about Romo. “It’s about production. What has happened to you? Where is the Michael Irvin that I have known and loved? Where have you gone? You been in the league for a decade, and you got two playoff victories in 10 years, and a three-time Super Bowl champion and a Hall of Famer is sitting here and talking about him. Where have your standards gone? What is wrong with you? You have sold your soul.”

It’s always a blast when Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin argue about the Cowboys. Tony Romo had a terrific NFL career and is one of the best quarterbacks in Dallas franchise history.

However, he never got it done when it mattered the most.

Tony Romo is a gifted color analyst

Tony Romo works for CBS as a color analyst, and he does terrific work. Since joining CBS, Romo has called plays before they happen on several occasions.

When Tomo Romo joined CBS, Stephen A. Smith was disgusted by the amount of attention the former NFL QB received over his decision to enter the broadcast booth. Some things never change.