Michael Irvin Reveals the Reality of Battling COVID-19

Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has been one of the most vocal former NFL players since his retirement. The Dallas Cowboys great has remained outspoken concerning many issues around the league, which has kept him a relevant voice. That has ramped up a notch after Irvin recently revealed that he had the coronavirus, which he has described as his worst life experience

Michael Irvin’s presence around the NFL

Since he retired from the NFL after a devastating neck injury, Michael Irvin has stuck around the league.

The Hall of Famer has worked in the media as an analyst previously for ESPN and currently for The NFL Network. That has given him a prominent voice around not only his former team that he helped guide to three Super Bowl wins but the rest of the NFL.

Irvin’s impact on the league has never rung louder after he recently revealed that he had the coronavirus.

Michael Irvin says having the coronavirus was his worst life experience

Throughout the last several months, Michael Irvin has remained one of the most vocal former NFL players. That took a serious turn on Friday as Irvin revealed that he dealt with the coronavirus earlier this summer.

Irvin stated that he took two tests for the virus that came back negative despite having notable symptoms such as a pounding headache for five straight days. He finally got the results he anticipated after taking an antibody exam that showed he had the illness. Irvin voiced on The Rich Eisen Show that it was the most challenging experience in his life. (H/T Yahoo Sports)

“I pray for anybody who has it, I really do,” Irvin said on the show. “The headache, I said to myself, honestly I’m not lying, I wanted out of here. I was like, ‘Man, there’s no way I can even endure this.’ The only thing I kept saying is, ‘You’ve only got two weeks of it. Two weeks. Two weeks.’ “

Irvin continued: I pray for all the people that have those migraines, because it’s severe like a migraine, and they have it all the time. That would be the hardest thing in the world to live with, because I just went through it. It was the hardest thing in the world I’ve ever dealt with.”

Irvin has gone through it all in his NFL career with injuries from a torn ACL to a herniated disc that temporarily paralyzed him. However, nothing compared to the struggles he experienced with the virus.

Another shining example of the importance of health


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Michael Irvin’s story should provide another clear example of the severity and the seriousness of the coronavirus.

Not everyone displays the symptoms, but it’s an illness that can be quite lethal that has seen 5.93 million confirmed cases in the United States, with 182,000 people dead from the virus. Irvin’s case should also be further highlighted because he didn’t test positive after a pair of exams despite displaying the symptoms. It’s a situation that could have taken a turn south with the possibility of infecting others.

Irvin’s case is a shining example for the NFL to handle the entire matter appropriately. The league has stepped up its efforts to take a more precautionary approach over the last few months. That will need to remain in place if they hope to proceed forward with playing the 2020 season.