Michael Irvin Suggests Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy Have a Great Relationship Unlike ‘Fake Love’ Between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll

The Dallas Cowboys are reeling after getting upset in the Wild Card Round by the San Francisco 49ers. Disappointed fans are demanding answers, but there’s enough blame to go around. Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat. However, Michael Irvin suggests McCarthy’s relationship with Dak Prescott could keep him in Dallas. He doesn’t see their time together coming to an end, unlike Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll in Seattle.

Michael Irvin says there’s fake love between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll

Michael Irvin says Dak Prescott's relationship with Mike McCarthy is nothing like Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll's.
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott talks to Mike McCarthy on the sideline | Christian Petersen/Getty Images; Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks on the field before game against the Rams | Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll say all the right things in press conferences with the media. However, there has to be trouble in paradise.

The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2021 NFL season with a disappointing 7-10 record. The team’s struggles were surprising, considering Seattle posted a 12-4 record in 2020, winning the NFC West.

The futures of head coach Pete Carroll and star quarterback Russell Wilson are up in the air. There’s been plenty of speculation about who stays and who goes. However, neither party is showing their hand.

Michael Irvin doesn’t think Wilson and Carroll are on good terms behind closed doors. The Hall of Famer sounded off on shaky quarterback and coach relationships on ESPN’s Get Up.

“One thing that matters in this day and age that we’re seeing all around the NFL,” said Irvin. “That little fake love we got between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. I don’t know what kind of love they got over there in Green Bay. It matters how much the quarterback and head coach get along.”

The Cowboys legend praises relationship between Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy

Michael Irvin is very opinionated when it comes to his Dallas Cowboys. The Hall of Fame wide receiver played his entire 12-year NFL career in Dallas and still has a great rapport with the organization.

Irvin, who has been touting the Cowboys as Super Bowl contenders all season, was disappointed in their performance against the Niners. While plenty of people are calling for Jerry Jones and the front office to fire Mike McCarthy, Irvin says not so fast.

The 5-time Pro Bowler sees right through Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, but he says McCarthy has a much better relationship with Dak Prescott.

“Dak happens to love Kellen Moore,” Irvin said. “And Dak happens to love Mike McCarthy. “That, I just want to put out there. Because obviously, that matters in this league now.”

Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark questioned the validity of the claim, but Irvin doubled down.

“I’m giving you facts,” Irvin continued. “You’re telling me possibilities. I talk to Dak. I know how he feels about Mike McCarthy.”

Should Dallas be looking for a new head coach?

Michael Irvin suggests that Mike McCarthy’s relationship with Dak Prescott could go a long way in determining his future with the organization.

Prescott is the definitive franchise quarterback in Dallas. The Cowboys signed him to a four-year $160 million contract before the 2021 season. His opinion holds weight within the organization, so if he does have a great rapport with McCarthy, the head coach could stick around longer than expected.

Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to be willing to make a coaching change at the moment.

“I don’t even want to discuss anything like that at this particular time,” Jones said per Pro Football Talk. “No discussion about anything. I’m not going to discuss coaching, preparation, any of those things. That is not on the table.”

The Cowboys did not deserve to win the game against the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan out-coached McCarthy, but the players didn’t hold up their end, either.

Mike McCarthy’s game and clock management have been a point of concern for a while now. His players seemed ill-prepared to win a playoff game. That’s unacceptable, regardless of his bond with Dak Prescott.

Jerry Jones preaches that he wants a winner. Well, he better be sure McCarthy is that guy.

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