Michael Jordan Has Never Believed Cedric Ceballos Couldn’t See During His Blindfold Dunk in the ’92 Slam Dunk Contest: ‘You Know Damn Well That Ceballos Had to See Where He Was Going’

Cedric Ceballos won the 1992 Slam Dunk Contest in Orlando, beating Larry Johnson in the championship round. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, a two-time Slam Dunk contest champion, was in attendance since he was voted as an All-Star starter.

While Jordan and Ceballos were friends during their playing days, the former has never believed that the latter couldn’t see during his famous blindfold dunk to win the contest.

Michael Jordan: You know damn well Cedric Ceballos had to see where he was going

During a 1997 interview with SLAM Magazine, Jordan was asked about the Slam Dunk Contest and why the event wasn’t popular anymore. The five-time MVP believed players were doing too many dunks where the ball wasn’t in their hands. He also laughed while talking about Ceballos’ blindfold dunk.

“I think a lot of it has to do with all the dunks done without the ball,” Jordan said. “It’s all the bouncing; it’s not the art form with the ball. You know, back in the day when a dunk contest was a dunk contest—with myself, Dominique, you know, all those—everything was all in our hands. You know, either rocking the baby, backward, lean, take off from the free-throw line. It’s not throwing it off the backboard or throwing it up. I mean, you know damn well [laughs] that Ceballos had to see where he was going. [Laughs] Ain’t no damn way he could run down, straight down, jump up, and dunk a basketball. He had to see…he had to see where he was going. If not, he was stupid for trying it.”

Many people believe Ceballos poked a small hole in his blindfold so he could see where he was going. Jordan is one of the people in that camp, as His Airness doesn’t believe it’s possible that the Hawaii native pulled off a blind dunk.

Jordan won the Slam Dunk Contest in 1987 and 1988. He not only dunked from the free-throw line a few times, but he also believes his dunks from the charity stripe were different than Julius Erving’s.

Michael Jordan: I dribbled during my free-throw line dunks

In the same interview with SLAM Magazine, Jordan pointed out how he dribbled during his dunks. Erving, a terrific dunker in his own right, ran with the ball instead of dribbling.

“Doc ran, that’s right,” Jordan said. “And I dribbled the whole time. You can insert that into the game, you know. When do you ever take off running in a basketball game? Never. You always had to do it with a dribble.”

Since he was a stellar dunker, Jordan had several posters during his Bulls career. However, his most special facial was against his close friend, Patrick Ewing.

MJ’s dunk on Patrick Ewing was incredible

In the first round of the 1991 playoffs, the Bulls faced the New York Knicks. During Game 3 at Madison Square Garden, Jordan posterized Ewing, and it’s a play Superman will never forget.

“Patrick. On the baseline,” Jordan said. “Because I remember when…I started back out to the middle, and then I spun back, came baseline.”

Thanks to Jordan, Ewing never won a championship during his Hall of Fame career. Although he played in the Finals twice, the Knicks lost both times.

Jordan won six championships and six Finals MVPs during his legendary career. He dunked on everyone during his younger days but used his deadly mid-range game and fundamentals to dominate his opponents as he got older.

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