Michael Jordan Was Disturbed by a Stranger With a Flashlight While Watching a Movie With His Wife in a Theater

When he wasn’t playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls during the ’90s, Michael Jordan enjoyed going to movies with his now ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy. The Bulls superstar was a big moviegoer and loved checking out the top films in theaters.

However, since he was the most popular person on the planet, Jordan couldn’t go to a movie theater without getting noticed and meeting people desperate for an autograph.

Michael Jordan’s fame took away from his private life

Jordan couldn’t enjoy his privacy during his playing career since he couldn’t go anywhere without getting noticed. The only time he enjoyed some peace and quiet was when he was at home with his family or relaxing in his hotel room on the road.

Regular people can go shopping or stop at a gas station whenever they want. Jordan couldn’t do normal things like that since he was the most recognizable sports figure in the ’90s and would get mobbed by people asking for autographs and pictures whenever he stepped outside.

Since a movie theater is dark, Jordan initially thought going to movies wouldn’t be an issue. However, he quickly found out that wasn’t the case.

Michael Jordan was disturbed during a movie once

During an interview with Maria Shriver in 1992, Jordan said he was watching a movie in a theater once, and some fan came up to him with a flashlight. The stranger spotted him and wanted an autograph while the movie was playing.

“My wife asked me this morning: ‘Why we never go to a movie?’ You know why I can’t go to movies because I’ll never enjoy the movie or enjoy you without someone coming with a flashlight down the aisle asking for an autograph,” Jordan said. “That’s what happened to me last time I went to a movie. I signed and looked over to my wife, ‘See why we never go to another movie.’ “

Jordan was always gracious enough to sign and take pictures with his fans because he didn’t want to disappoint them. However, it’s evident he became frustrated at times when he couldn’t do ordinary things. After all, no one should be bothered while watching a movie with their significant other.

MJ admitted several times being him wasn’t fun


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Jordan had all the money in the world and was the best basketball player in the NBA in the ’90s. However, he admitted on several occasions that being him wasn’t always fun.

If you value privacy and peace, being Jordan would have been a headache. Not being able to go out in public and enjoy life to the fullest can impact your mental health. Fortunately for Jordan, he stayed mentally stable.

In episode 6 of the Last Dance docuseries, there was a scene from the 1997-98 season where Jordan was sitting in his hotel room. While smoking a cigar, he told the camera crew he was looking forward to retiring so he could get out of the confined lifestyle he was living.

Jordan and the Bulls won their sixth title in 1998 over the Utah Jazz in six games. His Airness retired for the second time after the season, only to come out of retirement again in 2001 to play for the Washington Wizards. He retired for good in 2003 and finished his career as the NBA’s all-time leader in points per game.