Michael Jordan Took Up Fishing as a Way to Calm His Excessive Competitive Nature: ‘That’s the Therapy That I Need to Help Soothe Some of This Competitive Juices That I Have’

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is arguably the most competitive athlete in sports history. So when his playing career ended for good in 2003, the six-time champion struggled with shedding his excessive competitive nature because it’s what made him the superstar player he was.

Jordan looks at everything in life from a competitive nature, so much so that he told his wife he was cursed from a competitive standpoint. Becoming the Charlotte Hornets‘ majority governor in 2010 and co-owner of a NASCAR team in 2021 helped the Bulls icon since he was once again involved in sports and had something to compete in, but Jordan needed a hobby to calm his extreme competitive drive, and it turns out that fishing fit that bill.

Michael Jordan loves to fish now

Jordan said that fishing calms his competitive nerves in an interview with Australian Story executive producer Caitlin Shea. The six-time champion does a lot of fishing now, and it’s been good therapy for him.

“Now, the challenge is to calm those nerves. That’s why I do a lot more fishing now,” Jordan said. “I would have never thought I would get on a boat and go fishing, but the competition of patience and trying to catch a fish, trying to be patient. It’s not gonna happen. You can’t make it happen. You just got to be ready when it does happen. Those are all things that I think calms me down a lot more than if I’m playing any sport, if I’m playing golf or if I’m doing anything competitive because I think that’s what I need. That’s the therapy that I need to help soothe some of this competitive juices that I have.”

Jordan won six titles during his run with the Bulls while going 6-0 in the Finals. It hasn’t always been pretty for His Airness out at sea, but he did return to his winning ways in January 2021.

Michael Jordan’s fishing boat won sailfish tournament title in Florida

Jordan and his Catch 23 fishing boat won the 58th Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament in Palm Beach, Florida, in January 2021. The five-time MVP reeled in two of the seven fish caught by Catch 23.

The most recent fishing competition Jordan took part in was the 2021 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in North Carolina. His boat caught a 25-pound dolphinfish, landing Black Jesus in eighth place on the “heaviest dolphin” leaderboard. However, the other fish Jordan’s crew grabbed was the wrong species and had to be thrown back in the water.

Many athletes struggle to stay busy during retirement because they don’t know what to do after playing sports their entire lives. It’s certainly good to see Jordan remain active and not succumb to the post-retirement struggles several NBA players have endured.

After accomplishing everything a player dreams of in the NBA, Jordan has a few things left on his bucket list, with the number one goal still being to deliver a championship to Charlotte.

MJ wants to turn the Hornets into a championship team

Jordan told Marvin R. Shanken of Cigar Aficionado that bringing a championship to Charlotte is the number one item on his bucket list. The six-time Finals MVP has been the majority governor of the Hornets since 2010 and the franchise hasn’t had much success. However, things could change soon with LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward leading the charge.

“To win a championship in Charlotte,” Jordan said. “That to me is huge because I think the city deserves it. They’ve gone through a lot.”

The Hornets haven’t been to the playoffs since 2016. Knowing how competitive Jordan is, that must be eating at him. It will be fascinating to see if the organization snaps that postseason drought in 2021-22 after almost making the playoffs in 2020-21 in Ball’s rookie year.

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