Michael Jordan Has 1 Boss in Life and He’s Never Met Him: ‘Only He Can Tell Me What to Do’

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan had many people in his ear during his playing days, but he only listened to one person.

Despite having a father (for 31 years), mother, wife, and various business partners, Jordan revealed he only has one boss in his life, and it’s an individual he’s never met.

Michael Jordan didn’t view Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf as his boss

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Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf paid Jordan millions of dollars to play basketball. However, MJ didn’t view Reinsdorf as his boss and saw him as a partner.

Jordan and Reinsdorf didn’t always see eye to eye, but they had a successful partnership. The Bulls won six championships in eight years during the ’90s and became the most popular sports franchise.

Jordan helped the Bulls’ attendance increase during his rookie season in 1984-85, and the team was No. 1 in attendance during the dynasty years. Reinsdorf repaid the favor later in MJ’s career by giving him one-year deals worth north of $30 million and paying him his Bulls contract while he played baseball 1993-94.

“Partners” is how Jordan viewed Reinsdorf, Nike, McDonald’s, and all the other endorsements he had. However, there was one person he viewed as his boss, and that was God.

Michael Jordan viewed God as his only boss in life

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During an interview with Andrea Kremer of ESPN in 1995, Jordan said God is the only boss he has in life. The superstar shooting guard believed that God was the only person who could tell him what to do.

“Only he can tell me what to do. Everyone’s looking at Jerry Reinsdorf as the boss. He pays me for the opportunity or the job that I do, but I have a choice,” Jordan said. “I can stop playing. I can stop and do what I want, and that’s not a knock against him. That’s the choice that I have, which is freedom.”

Jordan isn’t a super religious person. However, he did tell Kremer that he saw God as everyone’s father and the only individual he has to answer to.

His Airness explains what a partner means to him

Jordan viewed his business partners as people who could give him something and vice versa. He didn’t view something as a partnership if one side was forcing the other to do something.

“They get something, I get something, it’s a partner thing,” Jordan said. “When you got a partner, no one’s over the next. Why sit back and argue about power plays? If you can do something good for me, hopefully, it turns out I can do something good for you. But don’t tell me I gotta do something. I don’t consider that a partnership.”

Thanks to Nike, McDonald’s, and all the partnerships he’s formed throughout his life, Jordan has racked up a net worth of over $1.6 billion in 2021. He’s one of the richest people in the world and has enjoyed a lot of success off the basketball court.