Michael Jordan Just Turned ‘The Last Dance’ Into a $2 Million Gift

ESPN’s The Last Dance proved to be a memorable documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. 

The 10-episode documentary that ran earlier this year and focused on Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1980s and ’90s quickly won over viewers.

Although no new episodes came with Thanksgiving, Jordan turned the series into a heartwarming gift worth $2 million.

Michael Jordan starred in ‘The Last Dance’

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The Last Dance is the ultimate glimpse into what really happens in professional sports.

A 10-episode series produced and released by ESPN, The Last Dance centered around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Filmmakers interviewed 90 people, ranging from Jordan and teammate Scottie Pippen to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Many of Jordan’s former enemies, on and off the court, participated in the documentary. Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant posthumously appeared in the documentary, which first aired less than three months after his tragic death in a helicopter crash.

Although The Last Dance’s title and overall focus were about the 1997-98 Bulls, the documentary didn’t only stick to that season. The series covered Jordan’s college days, the impact his play had on the world, and so much more.

Other storylines included front-office turmoil, Scottie Pippen’s contract, and Dennis Rodman’s eccentricities, to name some of the most significant plot points.

The Last Dance premiered in April and ran through mid-May. It is now available on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

‘The Last Dance’ proved to be a major success

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Even the biggest Michael Jordan haters had to admit there was something special about The Last Dance.

The Last Dance won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series. As of Nov. 26, 2020, The Last Dance holds a 96% critical score and a 95% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics and basketball fans agreed the docu-series is an all-time classic. The Last Dance took the rawness of Hard Knocks and turned those emotions and unfiltered content into a 10-hour series about one of the greatest athletes in sports history — and the dynasty that he played such a significant role in creating and maintaining. 

Michael Jordan turned the series into a $2 million gift

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Michael Jordan and The Last Dance are in the news again for the right reasons.

Jordan, who is now the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Charlotte Hornets, donated $2 million to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to battling hunger in the United States. 

Feeding America called Jordan’s donation an “incredible gift” in a tweet, which also contained a statement from the basketball legend. 

“In these challenging times and in a year of unimaginable difficulty due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to pause and give thanks. I am proud to be donating additional proceeds from The Last Dance to Feeding America and its member food banks in the Carolinas and Chicago to help feed America’s hungry.”

According to Forbes, Jordan promised in April that any money he received from The Last Dance would go to charitable organizations.

Jordan followed through in a big way, especially during the holiday season. The Last Dance painted Jordan — by his admission — as someone who could be cold and ruthless on and off the court, but this gift proved how big Jordan’s heart is underneath it all. 

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