Michael Jordan Forced the Bulls to Hand Him a Bizarre Contract Clause

Throughout Michael Jordan’s NBA career, he produced many special moments behind his often jaw-dropping play. The former Chicago Bulls great lifted himself and the franchise to tremendous heights. Before it all began, Jordan forced in an unusual clause in his contract with the Bulls.

Michael Jordan’s illustrious career

For many, Michael Jordan is synonymous with the greatest basketball player in NBA history.

Jordan’s track record speaks for itself as he garnered numerous league records and individual historic feats along the way. He experienced tremendous team success with six NBA titles in six trips but also earned many career-defining marks.

Jordan has six NBA Finals MVP, five regular-season MVP awards, 14 All-Star selections, a Defensive Player of the Year awards, 10 scoring titles, and 10 All-NBA First Team selections. What earned him the most admiration and respect was his performance in the playoffs. Jordan holds the NBA record with 33.4 points per postseason game and 50-point playoff performances.

There hasn’t been a player quite like him since he entered the league, which saw him work out a contract clause that likely hasn’t been happened again.

Michael Jordan forced the Bulls to give him a crazy contract clause

What showed most throughout Michael Jordan’s illustrious NBA career was his tremendous passion for the game of basketball.

Jordan’s commitment to his craft is what brought the best out of him and pushed to great success. His dedication to his craft guided him enough to work a “Love of the Game” clause into his rookie contract with the Chicago Bulls. (H/T Nike.com)

When Michael Jordan signed his first professional contract it came with a unique clause allowing participation in competitive off-season pickup games,” Nike.com stated. “Specifically, this clause allowed for Jordan’s ‘Love of the Game’ (a desire to play anywhere, anytime), regardless of potential liability.”

Jordan put what may be the only type of clause in an NBA contract that allowed him to play basketball whenever or wherever. It gave him the ability to participate in any pickup game or basketball-related activity if he so desired.

Although that is an extremely risky situation that Jordan put himself in, he never suffered any injury that impacted or derailed his NBA career. It was his love for basketball that drove him and he needed that extra freedom to appease his internal passion.

When it comes down to it, it’s nowhere near surprising to hear that Jordan created this contract clause that he chose to play with during his NBA career. 

Unquestioned love for the game


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Although many NBA executives may have likely shaken their heads at Michael Jordan’s contract clause, it did nothing to affect his career negatively.

Jordan found immediate stardom behind his game-changing talent that lifted the Bulls forward. He quickly became an elite talent that changed the fate of the franchise over the next decade.

It’s unlikely that many players today would get that clause given the tremendous risks involved. It only further underlines how special Jordan was. His talent, combined with his work ethic and dedication to his craft, separated him from his peers.

It all played a part in him becoming the legendary NBA icon that has influenced the many generations that have followed. Jordan’s love for the game of basketball is part of his lasting image, and why he will remain forever attached to the sport.