Michael Jordan Once Roasted Brooks Koepka With a One-Two Punch of Trash Talk While Beating Him in a Round of Golf

When you hear the name Michael Jordan, you probably imagine him suiting up for the Chicago Bulls and strutting his stuff on the basketball court. His Airness’ competitive edge wasn’t limited to the hardwood, though. You also wouldn’t want to cross him on the golf course.

While Brooks Koepka knows a thing or two about winning golf games, he learned that lesson the hard way. During the mid-2010s, he hit the course with Michael Jordan; not only did the NBA legend take the match, but he also unleashed some epic trash talk along the way.

Michael Jordan is a ruthless winner and a brutal trash talker

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Even if you aren’t a hardcore basketball fan, you know that Michael Jordan is a pretty talented player. MJ wasn’t just a great athlete, though; he also was one of the fiercest competitors that pro sports have ever seen.

Jordan cut his competitive teeth as a child, battling with his older brother Larry; with each step the sporting ladder, his fire only increased. As we all saw in The Last Dance, Jordan was capable of taking anything personally and turning it into motivation. If nothing else, his resume, which features an NCAA title and six NBA championships, is a testament to that.

While His Airness’ sheer will to win and incredible talent did most of the work, he also had another weapon in his arsenal: trash talk. No matter who you were—teammates, opponents, and even Bill Clinton felt Jordan’s wrath along the way—meeting up with MJ was a lose-lose proposition.

Brooks Koepka is a pretty talented golfer, and he knows how to talk a bit of trash, too

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At the risk of stating the obvious, Brooks Koepka hasn’t quite achieved a Michael Jordan-level of success. With that being said, though, he’s still had plenty of success on the golf course.

Koepka cut his teeth at Florida State before turning pro in 2012. While it took him a bit of time to make an impact on the top level, the Florida-native eventually made his mark. In 2017, he took the top spot at the U.S. Open; that started an incredible run of success, with Koepka winning the U.S. Open again in 2018 and the PGA Championship in 2018 and 2019.

While golf is usually thought of as a gentleman’s game, Koepka has also been known to use a bit of trash talk to complement the other tools in his bag.

“I like my trash-talking skills,” Koepka told Dan Patrick in 2020. “I do it kinda just as I walk by, a little bit, you know, so you don’t get to see me or really say anything back. You can’t do anything.”

Michael Jordan beat Brooks Koepka at golf and talked trash while doing it

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Michael Jordan’s skill set isn’t just limited to basketball and trash-talking, though. He’s also pretty good at golf, as Brooks Koepka can confirm.

About “four or five years ago,” Jordan and Koepka hit the course together. While the golfer was playing pretty well and talking a little smack, Jordan eventually kicked things into overdrive.

“We were walking onto 17 tee, and I’m giving him shots on 17 and 18,” Koepka explained to Dan Patrick. I forget what I said, [but] I said something to him. And he tees the ball up, he takes a practice swing, and he goes, ‘It’s the fourth quarter, baby, I don’t lose.”

Sure enough, Jordan took the final two holes to win the round. After securing the ‘W,’ though, he made sure to throw in one final jab. “He shook my hand and wanted to know where my wallet was at,” Koepka continued.

Over the years, plenty of basketball players learned what happens when you cross Michael Jordan. Brooks Koepka got that exact same lesson, albeit on the golf course.