Michael Jordan Sends Heartfelt Tribute to Kobe Bryant

The sports world was hit with devastating news as Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, passed away after a helicopter crash on Sunday morning. It has rocked the sports world to its core after losing an icon along with his daughter. Many have reacted to the news that has seen them share their condolences towards his family. Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has paid tribute to this tragic passing.

Kobe Bryant’s passing

It has been a difficult day as many mourn the loss of Bryant as he and his daughter were among the reported nine people that lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

The 41-year-old was among the few onboard traveling to a basketball game, which included his 13-year-old daughter along with another player and parent. The news of Bryant’s passing has spread quickly, with many expressing through social media, their feelings of devastation and sadness with the situation.

It has put a huge dark cloud over the sports world as he had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration from athletes and coaches from all sports. He had a tremendous impact on helping shape the next generation of athletes that looked up to him as a steady source of motivation.

Among those mourning the loss of Bryant is one of his peers and idols sent a heartfelt message.

Michael Jordan’s message to Kobe Bryant’s family

It has been an extremely tough day for the NBA, losing one of the all-time great players in such a saddening manner.

Bryant left his fingerprints on the NBA, touching many players’ lives that many have expressed their sorrow with his passing. Among those is Jordan, who sent out a statement on Sunday sending his support to Bryant’s family along with praising his former colleague’s tremendous impact on the game and who he was as a player and person off the court.

Jordan is the one player that Bryant was primarily compared to behind his array of moves that were similar to him. He adopted many of his mannerisms and approach to the game, which built an everlasting bond between them. Jordan played a massive part in shaping the player that Bryant became and that fueled the former Lakers’ star even further to make the most of his talent on the floor.

All of that makes this situation that much more difficult to swallow, given the tremendous amount of impact he had on everyone around over the years. That ranged far and wide from colleagues and former players in the league to the fans across the globe.

Kobe Bryant’s Impact

These words from Jordan are just another example of the tremendous amount of impact that Bryant had on the NBA and the world of sports.

It has been a tough day around the league that has seen teams make touching tributes to the future first-ballot Hall of Famer, such as taking 24-second shot violations to start the game, an eight-second backcourt violation, wearing his jersey number and pre-game momentum of silence. Bryant’s influence is one that will only grow stronger and continue to leave his fingerprints on the generations to come with professional athletes.

His Mamba Mentality is one that can go well beyond the realm of sports as that type focused and honed-in approach is one that applies to anything in life. His dedication and commitment to his craft is one that many aspired to have in their own professions. Bryant’s legacy goes beyond anything he accomplished on the court as he made an impact on many, many lives over the last two decades, and will continue to do so well after his passing for years and years to come.