Michael Jordan Showed Off His Compassionate Side by Letting an All-Star Big Man Stay At His House in LA to Save Money

Michael Jordan is arguably the most ruthless competitor in NBA history. He will run through a brick wall to win and isn’t afraid to challenge his teammates and get their faces.

Off the basketball court, though, Jordan is one of the nicest guys in the world. He’s funny, polite, and a fun guy to be around. Drinking wine, smoking cigars, playing cards, and hitting the golf course are some of Jordan’s favorite hobbies.

For those who don’t know Michael Jordan personally, he may seem like a bully and tyrant. However, Jordan’s close friends know the Chicago Bulls legend is only like that when it comes to basketball.

Michael Jordan wasn’t a nice guy when it came to basketball

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Michael Jordan couldn’t be a nice guy on the basketball court. If he was, there’s no way the North Carolina alum would have become a six-time champion and arguably the best player in NBA history.

Leadership in sports has a price. Jordan not only pulled teammates along when they didn’t want to be pulled but he also verbally and physically challenged them. He earned that right since he was the best player in the NBA during his legendary playing career and never asked a teammate to do something that he didn’t do.

Along with being tough on his teammates, Jordan was rough with his opponents as well. Once the game started, he had no friends on the court other than the ball itself. The six-time Finals MVP’s main focus was to win at all costs, and he didn’t care who was in his way or who he had to trash talk.

When he wasn’t striving for excellence on the basketball court, though, Michael Jordan was very friendly with his teammates and rivals, so much so that he offered an All-Star big man a room in his mansion in Los Angeles so the player could save money.

Michael Jordan let Juwan Howard stay at his house during the summer of 1995

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In the summer of 1995, Michael Jordan lived in LA since he was filming Space Jam. He had the “Jordan Dome” built for him to work out and play basketball during his free time.

Juwan Howard, who played for the Washington Bullets, was one of the many star players who played pick-up games with MJ at the “Jordan Dome.” The Chicago native flew out to LA to train with some of the best players in the league.

However, Howard was worried about spending too much money on a hotel room. When Jordan found out that the youngster didn’t have a place to stay, he told the Bullets star to live with him at his mansion in LA.

This was an incredibly kind gesture by Jordan. He not only allowed Howard to train with him, but he helped the former Michigan star save some money.

In typical Michael Jordan fashion, though, the five-time MVP destroyed Juwan Howard and the Bullets the following season despite being cordial with the 6-foot-9 center off the court.

MJ averaged 35.3 ppg against the Bullets in 1995-96

The Bulls faced the Bullets four times during the 1995-96 season. Chicago won all four games, with Michael Jordan averaging 35.3 points per contest.

Jordan and the Bulls went 72-10 in 1995-96. Chicago defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in the ’96 Finals in six games for MJ’s fourth title and fourth Finals MVP.

Michael Jordan was friendly with Juwan Howard in the summer of ’95 by training with him and letting him stay at his house. However, on the basketball court, His Airness was always in attack mode.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.