Michael Jordan Once Signaled His Bodyguard to Body Slam a Young Kid in a Casino Who Turned Into a Famous Comedian

Whenever Michael Jordan goes out in public, he has a slew of people chasing after him for autographs and pictures. The Chicago Bulls legend is arguably the most popular player in sports history and a Godlike figure.

The 2007 NBA All-Star Game was in Las Vegas, and it features a crazy Michael Jordan story involving a young kid who got body-slammed by MJ’s bodyguard. The insane part is that the kid eventually turned into a famous comedian.

People go crazy when they see Michael Jordan

Fans go absolutely deranged when they see Michael Jordan. The six-time NBA champion always has a bunch of security around him when he’s in public since a bevy of people always surrounds him like a pack of wolves.

Jordan last played in the NBA during the 2002-03 season. However, sports polls still have him as the most popular and famous sports figure year after year. What MJ accomplished in the ’90s with the Bulls was legendary and clearly still impacts people to this day.

In 2007, the NBA All-Star Game was in Las Vegas. The game was on Sunday, Feb. 18, a day after Jordan’s birthday (Feb. 17). The entire NBA world partied on Saturday for MJ’s birthday and certainly had a wonderful time.

However, one kid who tried to meet Michael Jordan and high-five him ended up getting body-slammed by MJ’s bodyguard. Years later, that kid became a prominent celebrity himself.

Michael Jordan’s bodyguard body-slammed Hasan Minhaj

Famous comedian Hasan Minhaj drove to Las Vegas from LA in 2007 for Michael Jordan’s birthday. He waited outside the club where MJ was partying and tried to run up to His Airness and get a high-five.

When Jordan saw a young Minhaj running up to him from the corner of his eye, he signaled his bodyguard to take care of the rest. The comedian told the hilarious story on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“And he sees me. And then he nods to his security guard like this, and his security guard grabs me by the neck, just lifts me up, and boom! Just body-slams me into the ground, and the whole casino stops. And he just walked off into the night.”

Minhaj should have known better at the time. You can’t just run up to Jordan and expect there to be no security around him. The six-time Finals MVP will never be out in public alone. Jordan knows the spotlight is always on him as soon as he leaves a private space.

What’s ironic about this Michael Jordan story is that Hasan Minhaj most likely walks around with a bodyguard now since he’s a worldwide celebrity.

The legend of MJ is still being chased


Michael Jordan May Have Just Caught a Lucky Break in a Potential Nightmare Scenario

Another player in NBA history may never top Michael Jordan’s run with the Bulls. He won six titles in an eight-year span and won all six Finals MVPs.

Jordan finished his Bulls career with averages of 31.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 5.4 assists. He won five regular-season MVPs, 10 scoring titles, and took home one Defensive Player of the Year Award.

In 2009, Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He’s such an icon that the Miami Heat franchise retired the No. 23 out of respect for MJ’s NBA accomplishments.