Michael Jordan Once Signed a Pair of Air Jordans for a Fan Who Jumped Out of a Moving Car to Meet Him: ‘That Guy Totally Almost Crashed His Car Trying to Get His Shoe Signed’

Michael Jordan was the most famous athlete in Chicago during the ’90s. An MJ sighting sparked a frenzy since people wanted to meet the Chicago Bulls superstar so they could get his autograph and take pictures with him.

On a summer day in 1992, Jordan and his family were hanging out at his mother-in-law’s house in Chicago. When people in the neighborhood heard that His Airness was in the area, several of them rushed over to greet Superman, with one fan doing a drastic and dangerous measure.

Fan jumped out of his car to meet Michael Jordan

Chicago sports historian Jack M Silverstein interviewed Chicago natives Howard and Alexis Little for his book about the Bulls dynasty. Howard used to date Jordan’s first wife, Juanita, so he had a relationship with Juanita’s mother.

According to Howard and Alexis, while they were hanging out with Jordan at Juanita’s mother’s house, a guy saw Black Jesus and jumped out of his moving car. He was desperate to get his Air Jordans signed by the Bulls legend and achieved his goal.

“As the day progressed, more people kept hearing about Michael being in the neighborhood,” Howard said. “I remember one guy, he was driving his car down the street, and he looked right and looked left and said, ‘Michael, Michael!’ He jumped out of his car but was still in drive, and it was rolling down the street. ‘Hey, Michael!’ He was wearing Air Jordans and took his shoe off and asked him to sign his shoe. Michael started laughing and signed his shoe.”

Added Alexis: “I forgot about the shoe guy! That guy totally almost crashed his car trying to get his shoe signed.”

Jordan was so revered that people were risking their lives and cars to meet him. The six-time champion was larger than life, and he reminded Howard of the Pied Piper.

Howard Little: Michael Jordan was like the Pied Piper

Howard shared another Jordan story with Silverstein, this time involving a motorcycle. The five-time MVP saw a guy on a motorcycle and asked him if he could ride it. The stranger said yes, and all the kids in the neighborhood started following Jordan.

“Michael saw this guy on a motorcycle come by,” Howard said. “He stopped, and Michael asked if he could ride his motorcycle. He’s riding the motorcycle through the neighborhood, and he was like the Pied Piper with all the kids following him on bicycles through the neighborhood.”

Howard and Alexis attended the party after Jordan led Team USA to the gold medal in the 1992 Olympics. 1992 was a great year for the All-Star shooting guard. He won his third regular-season MVP, second championship, second Finals MVP, and second gold medal. Only one other player in NBA history has achieved what Jordan did in 1992.

LeBron James and MJ are only two players to win MVP, Finals MVP and gold medal in same year

Jordan and LeBron James are the only two players in NBA history to win MVP, Finals MVP, and a gold medal in the same year. The King achieved this feat in 2012 while playing for the Miami Heat.

It’s ironic that Jordan and LeBron are the only two players in this club since they are widely viewed as the top two players of all time. Between them, they have nine MVPs, 10 championships, and 10 Finals MVPs. Jordan is first in NBA history in points per game and player efficiency rating, while LeBron is third all-time in points and the only player to rank top-10 all-time in points and assists.

Howard and Alexis will certainly cherish their Jordan memory forever. After all, they hung out with arguably the best basketball player ever and got to play football and eat with him.

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