Michael Jordan Was Upset His Fans Didn’t Allow Him to Take His Kids to an Amusement Park: ‘They Would Just Invade’

Michael Jordan was the most popular person on the planet during his playing days, especially when he was on the Chicago Bulls. He couldn’t leave his house or hotel room without getting mobbed by fans who wanted autographs and pictures.

That’s why Jordan wished he was invisible sometimes to live a normal life with his family and do things people tend to take for granted.

Michael Jordan couldn’t do basic things

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Because he was the most recognizable person in the world during the ’90s, Jordan couldn’t do basic things like go to the grocery store or fill up gas in his car without getting noticed and bombarded.

In episode 6 of the Last Dance docuseries, Jordan talked about how his life wasn’t as fun as people made it out to be since he was always under pressure to be on with people and had no privacy. On the road, the Bulls legend usually stayed in his hotel room since that was the only place he could get some peace.

Despite having all the money in the world and a beautiful family, Jordan had one wish during his playing days. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible because of his fans.

Michael Jordan wished he was invisible

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During an interview with Connie Chung of CBS in the summer of 1993, Jordan said he wished he was invisible so he could go to an amusement park with his kids and be a dad.

“Go to an amusement park with my kids,” Jordan said when asked what he would do if he was invisible. “Haven’t done that in I don’t know how long, and I miss it. There’s so many people there that, you know, they would just invade on the time that I would try to get with my family. That would be the number one thing I would do first.”

Being famous has many perks. However, if you value family time and privacy, being Jordan in the ’90s wasn’t as fun as many people thought.

MJ can move around a little easier now

Jordan is the principal governor and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. Other than the Last Dance docuseries, he’s mostly stayed out of the limelight over the last decade or so.

Being a normal husband, dad, son, and grandfather has been great for Jordan. He’s got increased privacy now that he’s not playing in the NBA and can move around a little easier without having to worry about fans bothering him since the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing.

Incredibly, though, Jordan still polls as the most popular athlete in the world despite his last NBA game taking place with the Washington Wizards in 2003, per ESPN. Sports fans are still enamored with him and everything he accomplished with the Bulls.

After all, we may never see another player go 6-0 in the Finals and win all six Finals MVPs.