Michael Jordan’s 1992 Dream Team Jersey Might Never Be for Sale Again

There is no question that Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has remained arguably the most recognizable professional athlete in the world. Jordan held by many as being the greatest NBA player of all-time. That has put up a great deal of value on any memorabilia that he has grace, which is the case concerning a game-worn and signed jersey from the 1992 Dream Team that is up for auction yet again in which could wind up be the last time.

1992 Dream Team

The 1992 United States Men’s National Basketball Team is the most iconic group of talent the country has had in the sport.

That saw Jordan lead a highly-talented bunch on the roster that was filled with numerous other Hall of Famers that has seen all but Christian Laettner earn that honor. It also featured the likes of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, John Stockton, Chris Mullin, and Patrick Ewing.

The Dream Team was dominant during the 1992 Olympics that saw them go undefeated on the path to winning the gold medal for the first time in eight years behind beating teams by an average of 44 points. It was an iconic group fo talent for many different reasons as it was the first batch of NBA players to participate. The Dream Team’s dominance left a significant imprint on many of the best international talents that made their way into the league.

That has also made any equipment or jerseys used during that time in association with the team quite valuable on the sports memorabilia market. It has turned out to be the case with one of Jordan’s jerseys from the Dream Team that is now being auctioned off.

Michael Jordan’s Dream Team jersey auctioned for third time

Over the years, Jordan paraphernalia has been sold for thousands of dollars to sports memorabilia collectors.

That has become the case yet again with one of Jordan’s signed and game-worn Team USA jerseys from the legendary “Dream Team” that started at a $25,000 bid, according to Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports.

It’s a unique jersey that has Jordan’s writing that states “Best Wish/Michael Jordan” on the right side. His handwriting on the uniform with it being from the Dream Team only further raises the value of the memorabilia. According to the seller of the item, it had been first purchased back in September 1992 at a special gala charity auction that was done by The Michael Jordan Foundation.

The jersey was originally sold for $17,500 and is one of only a few game-worn Team USA that was sold through the Michael Jordan Foundation. The item then was auctioned off again for the second time in 2013, where it sold for $53,325. Although the current auction bidding price is at $33,000, there is an expectation that the amount should continue to rise as there is just under two weeks before the final bid can be placed.

In all likelihood, this could be the last time that this particular jersey is up for grabs.

Michael Jordan’s everlasting popularity

It should come as no surprise that any item that Jordan wore during his NBA career is selling for thousands of dollars.

He has earned admiration and recognition as being the greatest player in NBA history, which that along with it being a Dream Team jersey, only further ramps up the exclusivity of the item in question in this case. Numerous pieces of memorabilia are associated with Jordan in any manner that holds that prestige.

Ultimately, it’s another indication that Jordan has an everlasting legacy that fans of all ages still hold in tremendously high regard.