Michael Jordan’s Agent Believes He Would Average 50 Points in Today’s NBA

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is commonly held in regard as being arguably the greatest player in NBA history. Much of that has come in the way of his scoring ability as he was an incredible talent on that end of the floor that saw him set numerous records along the way while finishing among the top scorers in league history. With all that in mind, Jordan‘s former longtime agent David Falk has voiced that he believes the former Chicago Bulls great could average 50 points in today’s game.

Michael Jordan’s scoring prowess

Throughout his entire 15-year career, Jordan proved to be one of the league’s best scorers.

That was the backbone of his success on the court as it helped him expand his game in other areas to a much higher degree. Jordan had the accolades such as six NBA titles, six NBA Finals MVP awards, five regular-season MVP awards, 14 All-Star selections, fourth on the all-time scoring list, a Defensive Player of the Year award, 10 All-NBA First team nods, nine All-Defensive FIrst team selections, and 10 scoring titles among other things.

Jordan saved his best for the playoff s as he reached that 13 times in his career where he averaged at least 30 points on 12 occasions, scored 50 or more points eight times, and won an NBA title in each of his six trips to the Finals where he never played in a Game 7. He still holds the all-time mark with a career average of 30.1 points per contest while he finished third all-time in scoring.

Jordan was a well-rounded talent on both ends of the court, but where he made his mark was through his incredible scoring prowess.

Michael Jordan’s agent’s bold stance

The discussion around Jordan has predictably increased over the last several weeks with The Last Dance documentary taking the mainstage over the previous few Sundays.

That has transitioned into the conversation around how Jordan would hold up in today’s league. His former longtime agent wasn’t brash about how his former client would perform if he played now in the NBA as he believes he would average 50 points a game. (H/T Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington)

“With virtually zero defense, no hand-checking, I think if Jordan played today; if he was in his prime in today’s rules, I think he’d average between 50 and 60 a game. I think he’d shoot 75% from the floor. If you couldn’t hand-check him, he would be completely unstoppable,” Falk said.

“Now that I watch [the documentary], I realize that, unless you’re legally blind, you can’t possibly think that there’s another player who ever played the game that’s remotely in the league that he’s in. Nobody.”

There is much that has changed with rules from when Jordan played in the prime of his career. It was a much more physical game that now has no hand-checking, and fouls are called more strictly.

Given Jordan’s playing style, it would have adapted well as he utilized his ability to get to the rim and could have racked up plenty of points from the charity stripe. It’s a much different game played now with a high dependency on the 3-point shot, but that’s something that could have seen Jordan adjust and find much success.

Would Micheal Jordan average 50 points?

It should come as no surprise that Falk has that strong stance regarding his former client, but it’s certainly a plausible stance.

Jordan’s game would have adapted well to any era, especially the current time. He had previously touched upon this subject years ago, stating that he would have made the necessary adjustments to allow him to best excel.

There are questions around his shooting ability from beyond the arc as he shot roughly 33% for his career. That’s a part of his game that he would have worked to improve. Houston Rockets guard James Harden has significantly excelled over the last few seasons, which only further brings more confidence in the stance that Jordan could produce north of that.

Ultimately, it’s a what-if scenario that will forever draw much debate around how Jordan will play in today’s game.