Michael Jordan’s Childhood Tragedy Triggered Phobia of Water

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is widely regarded as being arguably the greatest player in NBA history. Jordan‘s presence on the floor often struck fear into his opponents on the court. He was an unrelenting on the court pushing hi forward toward putting forth an incredibly successful career. However, it wasn’t an entirely smooth process to get where Jordan‘s at with his legacy and now a highly comfortable life after his playing days. There was a childhood tragedy that shaped his life and created a fear of water.

Michael Jordan’s career

It has been a long journey over the last few decades, but Jordan has worked his way toward an extremely comfortable life financially while being recognized as the best player in NBA history.

That becoming the first player to have a net worth of $1 billion that has now reached more $2.1 billion. Jordan’s postcareer in many ways has been more successful than during his playing days as he has transformed a savvy businessman that has become the gold standard for his peers and many professional athletes after him to follow.

However, there were hardships along the way during his childhood that impacted his life that included creating a fear of water.

Why Michael Jordan has phobia of water

There has been much discussion about Jordan’s life over the years that have heavily detailed his upbringing in Wilmington, North Carolina.

An aspect of his life that doesn’t nearly draw as much attention deals with trauma that has caused fear of water. In the biography entitled “Michael Jordan: The Life” by Rowland Lazenby, it details the terrifying experience of seeing someone lose their life swimming.

He had seen one of his friends get swept up from the undertow of a wave that led to the tragic incident. At age 7, Jordan was swimming with his friend when his friend panicked and tried to grab ahold of Jordan but was unable to do so. In response to that, Jordan pushed the boy’s arm away so that he wouldn’t also be pulled under with his friend. When he was 11, he nearly drowned in a pool at a baseball camp.

It didn’t stop there for him dealing with traumatic experiences dealing with water as his girlfriend in college drowned in a swimming pool while on summer vacation. That makes it quite understandable for him to be fearful of water because of the traumatic events in his life that it is linked to over the years. Jordan has undoubtedly gone through a lot when it comes to tragedies involving water.

Has Michael Jordan overcome the fear?

These are experiences that have shaped Jordan’s life away from his illustrious basketball career.

He has been able to overcome that lingering fear somewhat but has admitted that he still feels uncomfortable when he’s on a small boat or near any significant body of water.

These are only natural emotions that he has dealt with that will remain a fixated issue for him. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to know that Jordan chooses not to swim because of that. It may never be something he truly gets over in his life, but the fact that he has been able to operate around it is a significant step.

His numerous incredible feats on the basketball court and the legacy he has left, many to hold higher in prestige. However, Jordan has gone through many instances that make him just like any other person who has dealt with personal struggles or life-changing events. He may have a highly successful life with his basketball career and what has come after it, but like anybody else, he has had to persevere through hardships.