Michael Jordan’s Dream Job Isn’t What You’d Expect

Michael Jordan is a fan of many things; this should not shock anyone. Sure, he loves basketball, but he was also a baseball player and golfer. Outside of the sporting world, Jordan has become a businessman, putting his name behind everything from shoes to underwear to high-priced tequila. 

Growing up, however, MJ had an interest that even his biggest fans may not expect. And it had nothing to do with the things we mentioned above.

Michael Jordan’s hidden passion

Jordan had hoop dreams and baseball dreams as a child. But he also had a fallback plan if sports didn’t work out, as he explained during a Q&A session at his Flight School. While many players use the educational part of their college experience to focus on something related to athletics, Jordan used his to follow a passion he’s had since he was a child. 

“I went to college and got my degree in cultural geography,” Jordan explained. “Now, everybody wants to know, ‘What’s cultural geography?’ It’s an introduction to meteorology. I always wanted to be the weatherman … that’s what I really wanted to do. So, if I wasn’t playing basketball or baseball, I’d be telling you what the weather’s going to be like tomorrow.”

People may assume somebody with Jordan’s competitive drive would never consider something outside of sports. But the NBA star’s admission reminds us that he was a kid just like everyone else; he had to work for what he got. 

Jordan in college

Jordan’s college days at North Carolina are a legendary precursor to his NBA career. He spent three years at UNC, reports Interbasket. After being a valuable role player, Jordan emerged as a leader in 1982. (He averaged 20 points, five rebounds, just under two assists, and a pair of steals.) The athlete put up similar statistics during his junior, then it was off to the NBA. 

For many players, leaving college means they’re done with education forever. This was not the case for Jordan. He returned to UNC while he was an NBA star to complete his degree and fulfill a promise to his father.

Jordan didn’t change his major, either. This could mean that Jordan could theoretically inform you of the weather someday, although time may be something of an issue for the retired billionaire

What’s Jordan up to? 

Jordan is an all-out businessman these days. Not only does he lead the ownership group of the Charlotte Hornets, but he continues to be the face of Nike’s biggest sellers. Jordan’s shoes are as popular today as they were when he played.

The NBA legend has far-reaching interests beyond his sports-related endeavors. Jordan has been a restaurant owner and the spokesperson for everything from soft drinks to McDonald’s. His most recent endeavor sent many people buzzing, as he and a group of other NBA owners launched a high-priced tequila called Cincoro

Jordan is larger than life. It may seem funny to think of him as a TV weatherman, but those were his youthful ambition. The fact that he followed through and got his degree shows that there’s more to him than basketball and sneakers.

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