Michael Jordan’s Skills Weren’t the Only Thing That Made Him Legendary

When the conversation around the greatest players to play in the NBA comes about, Michael Jordan‘s name is always brought up and land on many instances put at the top of the list. Jordan was a one-of-a-kind player that has become intertwined with the game for years to come well after his final retirement nearly two decades ago. What made him an iconic sports figure and arguably the most famous athlete of all time extended far beyond his greatness on the basketball court.

Michael Jordan’s legacy

Jordan spent 15 years in the NBA, which saw him reach a tremendous amount of personal and team success.

Before winning six NBA titles in the 1990s, he had established himself as one of the best all-around players in the league with multiple scoring titles and even a Defensive Player of the Year award. Jordan took his legendary status to the next level when he began winning NBA championship as he was the guiding force that pushed the Chicago Bulls to dominant that decade.

Jordan’s production, combined with the Bulls continuing to add titles, only elevated him further into the stratosphere as being arguably the greatest player to play the game. However, it was another aspect of him that may have fueled it all.

Michael Jordan’s passion for the game

Jordan’s performance on the court spoke for itself as he earned a firmly strong reputation as being considered the greatest player in NBA history.

What doesn’t draw nearly as much attention as his play was his passion for the game that drove him to success on the basketball court. Jordan described his passion and love for the game during an interview with Ahmad Rashad back in 2013 that he believes allowed him to put together his illustrious career,

“The greatest thing to the game of basketball is the passion and love for it. Because when you have love for anything, you will go to the extreme to maintain that love. That’s what love does. It drives to you do anything to maintain that connection. It was truly my love for the game that drove me to be the best basketball player I could be. To be the best at anything, you got to have a certain love for that to overcome all the obstacles that are thrown your way. That’s what the game of basketball has been for me.”

Jordan’s passion for the game is what pushed him to bring the best out of himself and test his limits. His love for basketball is at the core of who he was and what created that strive for greatness.

It’s a quality that many of the game’s greatest players had that their success rooted in their passion for the game. That’s what kept Jordan coming back for the final two times in his career after he retired. It’s also what has drawn many fans and NBA players after him to play basketball as he’s become a steady source of motivation and admiration.

Michael Jordan’s everlasting impact

Over the last three decades, Jordan has seen his legacy continue to grow while his reputation and standing as arguably the greatest player to play the game have become further cemented.

The generations that followed him in the NBA draw great inspiration from everything ranging from his approach to the game to even his mannerisms. He put forth a career that has an impact that extends far beyond any basketball court.

Ultimately, comments like these give a greater sense of what the game meant to Jordan and what fueled him to get the most out of himself. It’s another example of what made him what he became in his illustrious career.