Michael Strahan Destroyed the Detroit Lions for Their Actions After Getting Blown Out by the Eagles: ‘Who Is Happy to Lose?’

The Detroit Lions entered their Week 8 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles winless, but they had pride. Nick Sirianni’s Eagles took whatever Detroit had left in a surprising blowout victory. Fox NFL analyst Michael Strahan observed some Lions players do something after the game that should alarm fans moving forward.

Strahan didn’t mince words when addressing the issues on the broadcast after the game ended.

The Philadelphia Eagles embarrassed the Detroit Lions in Week 8

No one expected the lowly Detroit Lions to win a bunch of games in the 2021 season. Wins are hard to come by for a team that’s talent-deficient.

Detroit put their winless streak on the line against the 2-5 Philadelphia Eagles. The Lions didn’t have many winnable games on their schedule. However, the Eagles presented an opportunity for the team to get its first win.

Philadelphia set the tone early and jumped out to a 17-0 lead, heading into halftime. The Lions never even had a chance. The Eagles ran away with it, trouncing Detroit 44-6.

Head coach Dan Campbell prides himself on having a tough football team. However, his players didn’t get the memo. Some Lions players spoke out after the embarrassing loss.

“The coaches can’t want it more than the players,” defensive lineman Michael Brockers told The Athletic. “We have to want it more than the coaches. Look at yourself in the mirror, each one of these players, and want to be better for your brothers. Want to be better for the organization. Want to be better for the city of Detroit.”

Veteran safety Tracy Walker also weighed in. “If we don’t fix it, if we continue with the same problems, we ain’t gonna win a game,” he said.

Michael Strahan called out the Lions’ players for swapping jerseys after loss

Fox NFL analyst Michael Strahan talks during an interview; Lions fan looks on with a bag on his head in loss to the Eagles
Michael Strahan speaking during an interview with Daymond John | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Detroit Lions fan watches the Philadelphia Eagles’ blowout victory | Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles’ offense had a field day with the Lions’ defense. It didn’t take much effort, either.

Philadelphia gashed Detroit on the ground, racking up 234 rushing yards and four touchdowns. The road team dominated the time of possession battle, too.

After the game, some Lions players exchanged pleasantries with Eagles players. Others decided to swap jerseys with the opponents.

Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan didn’t care for the Lions players’ attitude after such a humiliating loss.

“You are on the field in the end zone, a whole group of players, and they’re swapping jerseys and taking pictures,” said Strahan per Lions Wire.

“I was not happy to lose. Who is happy to lose? I don’t care. You should never [do that]. Do it on the bus. Don’t do it on the field where you just got beat 44-6. I’m in the locker room as a coach waiting on my players to get in there to address the team, and I’m waiting for you to exchange jerseys with another guy on the team that just whipped you?”

Terry Bradshaw added fuel to the fire by saying, “It’s like it doesn’t bother them [to lose].” The players posing for photo-ops certainly didn’t seem to mind.

Dan Campbell’s squad didn’t show fight for the first time in 2021

Dan Campbell appears to be the right head coach for the job in Detroit. It didn’t look that way in the Week 8 defeat.

The Lions had previously fought tooth and nail in every game during the 2021 season. That team failed to show up on its home turf against the Eagles.

Campbell, a former NFL player himself, inherited a team struggling in the talent department. Jared Goff isn’t a franchise quarterback. There aren’t many notable names on defense. The list goes on.

Despite their lack of elite talent, the Lions had, at least, been competitive before their most recent showing. Campbell didn’t coach a great game, so he’s not off the hook. However, the players didn’t do the head coach any favors.

NFL players shouldn’t need the motivation to go out and play hard from whistle to whistle. Michael Strahan hit it right on the head with his comments. As a Hall of Famer, seven-time Pro Bowler, and Super Bowl champion, Strahan knows what it takes to win.

The Detroit Lions haven’t figured it out yet. The players’ behavior after an awful loss is not a good look for Dan Campbell, who’s known for being hard-nosed.

If the Lions don’t regain that winning mentality, they may not win a game all season.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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