Michael Thomas Blasts Tony Romo’s Record-Breaking Deal With CBS

Since the end of the 2019 season, one of the underlying storylines pertained to something off the field. Former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo was on the open market looking for a new deal in the broadcast booth. All of that came to a finality over the weekend, with Romo inking an extremely lucrative contract to return CBS to continue to call games alongside legendary broadcaster Jim Nantz. It’s something that hasn’t received the grandest of reactions given how much he’s now getting paid. Among those that voiced their displeasure was New Orlean Saints star wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Tony Romo inks new deal with CBS

Through his first couple of years in the broadcast booth, Romo has quickly found success in his new career post the NFL.

He has become one of the most fascinating and intriguing broadcasters in the league that has enamored fans from the get-go. His style that often includes predicting play called during games has helped him draw an immediate connection with fans.

That massive amount of success also lead him to be one of the most prized broadcasters on the market after the 2019 season as his deal with CBS had expired. There were was talk of potential interest from ESPN, but Romo chose to re-sign with CBS, where he will be the highest-paid NFL analyst in TV history, earning around $17 million a year.

However, it’s a new deal that hasn’t exactly garnered the type of reaction that was expected. Instead, it has created some sharp criticism with NFL players like Michael Thomas airing out their strong sentiments.

Michael Thomas upset about Tony Romo’s deal

The news of Romo being retained by CBS is a huge benefit for the company to keep one of their most entertaining broadcasters.

However, the size of the deal is something that is drawing ire from NFL players. Among those is the Saints star wide receiver, who voiced on Saturday that doesn’t agree with that type of money given to a broadcaster.

It’s not a shot at Romo by any means, who put himself in that promising spot with his work in the booth, but it’s more money per year than almost the entire league. Thomas is one of the 19 players that will make more than the former Cowboys star quarterback.

That lopsided nature certainly warrants backlash as the NFL players are responsible for the product on the field that has helped Romo get that deal. The pay rate for the players has continued to increase over the years due to the increasing amount of revenue, but it’s still falling short if commentators are earning more money.

NFL’s pay scale still needs work

There is much credence to what Thomas voiced by Romo’s new contract as the current players’ pay pales in comparison to it.

The NFL has made strides forward financially into increasing the salary-cap situations around the league as the revenue has continued to grow over the years. However, it hasn’t reached the point where players are getting the financial coverage that they deserve behind their play.

It wasn’t until the Kirk Cousins’ deal with the Minnesota Vikings that any thought to significant guaranteed money being in the picture. For quite some time, the NFL fell behind the NBA and MLB in the department without any guaranteed money as teams have and still do, to a degree, the ability to part ways with players without paying them closer to the full worth of their deal.

Until the NFL continues to make more strides in this area where their players are getting compensated more greatly, there will be situations like this arising more frequently.