Michael Wilbon Angrily Destroys Chicago Bears and Aggressively Attacks 2 Members for Ruining the Franchise

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon is a Chicago native, so he’s a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. The popular ESPN writer has been suffering since the 1985 season, as that was the last time the Bears won the Super Bowl.

While Chicago has had a few good teams since the Monsters of the Midway, the Bears have slowly become a poverty NFL franchise over the last four years ever since Ryan Pace became the general manager. Even though the team has made the playoffs in two out of the last three years, the Bears have lost in the Wild Card Round both times. The historic franchise hasn’t won a playoff game since January 16, 2011.

Michael Wilbon is smart, so he knew the Bears weren’t going to trade for Russell Wilson since the Seattle Seahawks would be foolish to part ways with their franchise QB. After Chicago missed out on Wilson, Ryan Pace signed Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million contract, and Wilbon was furious once he heard the news.

Michael Wilbon reacts to the Bears signing Andy Dalton

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Michael Wilbon called the Bears signing Andy Dalton a disaster. He also wants Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy fired.

“I’m angry about the Bears,” Wilbon said. “Let me just mention that Ryan Pace, the GM I’m about to attack, he chose Trubisky in the draft, he moved up to get him ahead of guys named Watson and Mahomes. Now, he’s choosing Dalton over Trubisky, who he drafted.

“This is a disaster. This guy Ryan Pace should be fired if this is all he can do. And his coach, Matt Nagy, he should be fired because he doesn’t want to coach Trubisky. These guys are a disaster. They have led to ruin the Chicago Bears. This is awful.”

Pace is a terrible NFL GM. He drafted Mitchell Trubisky over Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, signed Mike Glennon and Chase Daniel to terrible contracts, traded for Nick Foles, and won’t give Allen Robinson a long-term contract.

Meanwhile, Nagy isn’t that good of a coach despite winning the 2018 Coach of the Year Award and leading the Bears to the playoffs in two out of his first three years in Chicago. He thinks he’s smarter than he really is and failed to develop Trubisky into a good QB.

The Bears are going to be mediocre in 2021 after signing Andy Dalton. Michael Wilbon and every Bears fan in Chicago is praying that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are fired after the 2021 season.

The Bears tried to get Russell Wilson

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According to veteran sportscaster Dan Patrick, the Bears offered the Seahawks three first-round picks, a third-round pick, and two starters for Russell Wilson. The Seahawks declined Chicago’s offer.

Wilson hasn’t requested a trade from Seattle. However, his agent said the Bears are one of the teams the star QB would waive his no-trade clause for. Chicago fans thought they were getting Wilson. However, they ended up with Andy Dalton instead.

Dalton played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. He appeared in 11 games and threw for 2,170 yards and 14 touchdowns while getting picked off eight times.

All signs point toward Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers winning the NFC North again in 2021 since the Bears are a putrid franchise.

Is Kyle Fuller on his way out?

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears could part ways with star CB Kyle Fuller. This would be another dreadful move by Chicago, as Fuller is one of the top players in the NFL at his position.

Bears fans are just about done with their favorite NFL team. As Michael Wilbon said, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy should be fired. Andy Dalton isn’t the worst quarterback in the league, but he makes no sense for this Chicago club.