Mike Evans Gives Savage 4-Word Response to His Madden 22 Rating

It’s an annual tradition like no other: players complaining about their Madden NFL ratings. Almost everyone in the league wishes the game rated them higher; even if they received a 99, they most likely want a 100. Added to the list of players not happy about their ratings this year is Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, as he gave a savage response to it on Instagram.

Mike Evans received a 91 overall rating on Madden 22

With ratings recently coming out, Evans learned that he received a 91 overall on Madden NFL 22, a slight drop from his 92 overall on Madden 21.

Despite gaining over 1,000 receiving yards in every season of his career, Evans ranks below several other NFL receivers on this year’s game, including the big names below.

  • Davante Adams: 99 overall
  • DeAndre Hopkins: 98 overall
  • Tyreek Hill: 98 overall
  • Stefon Diggs: 97 overall
  • Julio Jones: 95 overall
  • Michael Thomas: 94 overall
  • Keenan Allen: 93 overall
  • Amari Cooper: 92 overall

Only Jones, Thomas, and Allen failed to gain more receiving yards than Evans in 2020, and they all missed games, but Evans was on a team with an abundance of weapons. Yes, he was the Buccaneers’ No. 1 receiver, but Tom Brady also had Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Scotty Miller, and Rob Gronkowski to throw to.

His stats were ultimately tied directly to the abundance of weapons on his team; Evans’ track record of seven straight seasons with 1,000-plus receiving yards should speak for itself.

Mike Evans had a 4-word response to his Madden 22 rating

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, who recently had something to say about his Madden 22 rating.
Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Dec. 1, 2019. | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Buccaneers’ Instagram account posted a picture of Evans with his 91 overall rating this week, and there were, of course, many Bucs fans who commented, saying it was too low.

Evans didn’t necessarily say that, but he, instead, took a shot at the video game itself.

“People still play Madden?”

Mike Evans via Instagram

Obviously, people still play Madden. EA, the game maker, wouldn’t continue making it if people didn’t. But many fans have often complained about how it looks the same every year and how they liked the older versions of the game better, so Evans’ comment had a bit of truth to it.

As mentioned above, though, many people still play the game, so who are the other top players this year?

Who are the other top-rated NFL players on Madden 22?

Madden hasn’t released all of the players’ ratings yet, as we don’t even know where Patrick Mahomes and the other top quarterbacks stand. But we still know about quite a few of the other positions.

In fact, Aaron Donald and Travis Kelce are with Davante Adams in the 99-club, while Myles Garrett has a 98 overall.

Here are some of the other top-ranked players who have received their ratings, not including the wide receivers mentioned earlier, or Donald, Kelce, and Garrett.

  • Christian McCaffrey, HB: 97 overall
  • Derrick Henry, HB: 96 overall
  • George Kittle, TE: 96 overall
  • Khalil Mack, LOLB: 96 overall
  • Nick Chubb, HB: 96 overall
  • Dalvin Cook, HB: 95 overall
  • Alvin Kamara, HB: 94 overall
  • Chandler Jones, LOLB: 94 overall
  • Fletcher Cox, DT: 94 overall
  • J.J. Watt, LE: 94 overall
  • T.J. Watt, LOLB: 94 overall
  • Cameron Jordan, LE: 93 overall
  • Darren Waller, TE: 93 overall
  • Von Miller, LOLB: 93 overall

No, their ratings don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but when they’re playing the game as themselves, they probably just want to be as hard to stop as possible. No one wants to play with someone who is just a 76 overall, right?

The only way for Evans and others to improve their ratings, though, is to have a good season in 2021. Maybe, with a big performance this upcoming year, Evans can get his rating back up to a 92 or higher.

Ratings courtesy of EA

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