Mike McCarthy Believes Cowboys Can Win a Super Bowl With Dak Prescott

When Mike McCarthy took the head coaching vacancy with the Dallas Cowboys, the focus shifted over to quarterback Dak Prescott. The primary topic of discussion will hover over their relationship and the offense’s success with the two at the helm. The Cowboys are hoping to take the next step towards contending for the Super Bowl, and the pairing will play a significant part in guiding the team in those aspirations. With that in mind, McCarthy has just given Prescott a massive vote of confidence.

Dak Prescott’s tenure in Dallas

Prescott entered the NFL as a fourth-round draft pick and didn’t have many expectations of becoming the Cowboys’ franchise out the gate of his NFL career. However, he was quickly thrust into an enormous role of replacing longtime starter Tony Romo to which he drew the confidence of the franchise to move forward with him entrenched in that role.

It has been a bag of mixed results over the last four seasons, which does include a pair of NFC East division titles and playoff appearances, but the team has missed the postseason twice. That includes their disappointing collapse down the stretch last year.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys have held a .500 record or better in each campaign while continuing to contend for the playoffs. The pressure around the team was ramped up a notch with them finally parting ways with Jason Garrett and bringing in a proven head coach in McCarthy.

That places a great deal of expectations on Prescott’s shoulders to take that next step in 2020 and beyond. It’s something that McCarthy has voiced much confidence in the Pro Bowler.

Mike McCarthy praises Dak Prescott

With the conversation hovering around Prescott’s next contract, it also further underlines the expectations that will come with any deal being competing for a Super Bowl.

That is something that McCarthy on Wednesday voiced strong confidence that the 26-year-old can guide the team to a Super Bowl win.

” I have been impressed with him since the first time I saw him play live when I was in Green Bay…He’s gotten off to a great start and built a really good foundation. I’m told he’s a tremendous leader. Defenses get you to the championship. The quarterbacks win championships and I definitely feel Dak is that quarterback.

Much of this could be deemed as McCarthy just speaking highly of his new quarterback, but that level of praise shows what he believes Prescott can accomplish on the field. There is still plenty of room for growth in his play, but the team is quite certain that he can add another Lombardi trophy to the mantel in Dallas.

The Cowboys have plenty to do this offseason in further building their roster, but the pieces are in place for them to be in the picture to contend for more than just a playoff spot. McCarthy clearly sees that potential, and he knows Prescott will have to be the piece that takes them over the top.

Cowboys have full confidence in Dak Prescott

The Cowboys’ decision to move off Garrett in favor of bringing in McCarthy further emphasizes the mindset that the franchise has hedging forward.

Dallas has constructed a team that has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, and their shortcomings furthered the necessity for change. It has also placed greater limelight on Prescott’s play, which his next contract with the team will highlight the need for him to be the driving force of the offense alongside star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

The vote of confidence from McCarthy makes it quite clear that the Cowboys need Prescott to take that next step in his maturation to be that franchise quarterback that can guide them to the Super Bowl.