Mike McCarthy’s Bizarre Monkey Butt Motivational Tactics Left a Lasting Impression on Jerry Jones

After falling to a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys bounced back with a dominating 43-3 win against the Atlanta Falcons. The impressive performance came after head coach Mike McCarthy used some out-of-the-box tactics to motivate his players, leaving a strong impression on team owner Jerry Jones.

Mike McCarthy used Monkey Butt anti-chafing powder to motivate the Cowboys

The stellar performance saw Dallas control all phases of the game, increasing their grip on the NFC East division standings. In the days after the contest, it has come to light that McCarthy went a strange route to motivate his squad.

During a recent tv appearance on The NFL Network, Tom Pelissero revealed that the Cowboys head coach used Monkey Butt, an anti-chafing powder, to fire up his team.

“This past week coming off that ugly performance against Denver, McCarthy dubbed it R.A.W., meaning Red-Ass Week,” NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero detailed on Monday’s NFL NOW. “In other words, get mad. Take it personally, and then get on the field and take it out on the Falcons.

“To reinforce that message, McCarthy actually had staff going around the locker room and handing out ‘Monkey Butt’ [Anti Monkey Butt]. What is ‘Monkey Butt’? I’m glad you asked. It is an anti-chafing powder. It’s got a variety of different uses. For instance if you’re sore from, I don’t know, getting your butt kicked like they did last week? Well, get yourself some ‘Monkey Butt’.

“The Cowboys players got a kick of out that. They certainly got the message, went out there and did their thing yesterday against the Falcons.”

McCarthy isn’t a stranger to going the unconventional route to motivate his players. Last season, he previously smashed a watermelon with a sledgehammer. His effort didn’t go unnoticed as it caught Jerry Jones’ attention.

Mike McCarthy’s bizarre monkey butt motivational tactics left a lasting impression on Jerry Jones

The Cowboys continue to march forward, possessing one of the league’s top records.

The team’s upward trajectory has garnered much praise from team owner Jerry Jones. During an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday morning, Jones praised McCarthy for possessing a “natural ability” to lead a team.

“It just shows you some of the things that Mike McCarthy is about,” Jones said. “The more I see him coach and see him work with people, the more impressed I am. He’s got a natural ability about him for football. Because football, to be trite, is a physical game. It’s arduous and takes a lot of grudge work. To have someone that is good at communicating and creating interesting things as you move along has always helped.

“Barry Switzer was one of the best you have ever seen at creating ways for players to stay physical and call on themselves, and at the same help them improve in a positive way. Mike has got a lot of that..”

Albeit it was a bizarre tactic from McCarthy to motivate his team, the Cowboys put forth their most dominating performance of the 2021 campaign. He has faced his fair of criticism throughout his head coaching career, much of which was warranted, but Dallas’ strong showing in his second year at the helm certainly paints him in a favorable light in Jones’ eyes.

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With eight regular-season games left, the Cowboys sit in the driver’s seat to push toward the playoffs.

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