Mike McCarthy Just Delivered an Inadvertent Verbal Shot at Aaron Rodgers

As Mike McCarthy enters his second season with the Dallas Cowboys, there are plenty of high expectations ahead. McCarthy is well aware of the pressure the Cowboys face to accomplish much more than playoff contention. It’s led him to air comments that appear to take a verbal jab at his former longtime quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers finally returns to the Packers ending offseason drama

Throughout the offseason, the Green Bay Packers stood pat in a holding pattern with Rodgers.

The star quarterback remained away since falling short in the NFC championship game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, Rodgers returned to Green Bay earlier this week after agreeing to a restructured contract.

As things continue to cool down with the Packers, Rodgers’ former head coach may have taken an unintentional shot at him.

Mike McCarthy just delivered an inadvertent verbal shot at Aaron Rodgers

Before becoming the Cowboys head coach last offseason, Mike McCarthy spent 13 years at the helm for the Packers.

His tenure paired him alongside Rodgers in closer proximity due to his offensive coordinator responsibilities throughout the bulk of his time in Green Bay. As McCarthy heads into his second year with Dallas with Keeln More, he may have just thrown an unintentional verbal jab toward his former longtime quarterback.

“Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy says he’s ‘thankful’ that he’s no longer ‘coordinating the offense.’ McCarthy called plays as head coach of the Packers for the vast majority of his 13 years in that role,” Wrote Hirschhorn of SB Nation.

McCarthy may not have intended to throw shade at Rodgers, but it’s hard to overlook the obvious connection between them. It’s no secret they didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye in Green Bay, especially near the tail end of the tenure together.

The rift between them became more evident when the team fell short in the playoffs. Much of which centered on the conservative nature of McCarthy’s playcalling that conflicted with Rodgers. It led to reports that the star quarterback often elected to run another play instead of what his head coach called.

Regardless of there is much credence to that dialogue, it only further fueled the internal issues the two had running the offense. Each put the situation behind them, but anytime comments of this nature arise, it’s hard not to look back to the troublesome matters in Green Bay.

Dak Prescott holds immense pressure to lead the Cowboys


Dak Prescott Gives a Gruesome Account of Trying to Re-Set His Own Compound Fracture on the Field

The Rodgers’ connection to McCarthy’s comments aside, it directs the offensive onus toward Dak Prescott‘s performance.

The Pro Bowler is heading into a critical 2021 campaign, marked with many high expectations due to various factors. Not only is Prescott returning from a compound leg fracture, but he will also play the first year of his franchise-record four-year, $160 million deal.

The Cowboys also hold pressure to bounce back from a disappointing 2020 campaign that featured the franchise falling well short of the playoffs. Prescott recently further fueled the outside noise by stating Dallas can become the league’s best offense.

“Be the best offense in the NFL,” he said via The Athletic. “Stats, scoring, whatever you want to say, we want to be the best offense and we want to make sure we’re playing complementary football, first and foremost, with our defense and with our special teams.

“It’s just not about getting out there and throwing it 100 times. But it’s about playing complementary football, the run game, the pass game, the action game, and allowing the defense to get rest. Giving the defense a chance to get out there and to be their best when they’re out there as well.”

All those factors set no shortage of immense pressure on Prescott’s shoulders to lead the Cowboys to success in 2021.

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