Mike Tomlin Opens Up About Antonio Brown’s Potential Return to Steelers

Throughout the last several months, Antonio Brown‘s name has been prominently mentioned for things off the field. Brown is out of the league due to issues that arose away from the game from porous decisions. However, he recently voiced an apology to the Pittsburgh Steelers for how things were handled on his behalf that abruptly ended his tenure with the franchise. With that in mind, head coach Mike Tomlin has addressed the possibility of Brown returning to the team where he began his NFL career.

Antonio Brown’s apology to the Steelers

It has been an incredibly disappointing last year for Brown that has seen him work his way out of a job in the NFL.

Since his departure from the New England Patriots, the 32-year-old has remained quite vocal on his various social media platforms. Brown has been the epitome of unpredictable as his emotions have ranged on both ends of the spectrum towards anyone he felt slighted him.

That was certainly the case concerning the Steelers as he bashed them on multiple occasions ranging from ownership to coaching and his former teammates. However, Brown has taken another approach to the entire matter as he recently voiced an apology to the team and former teammate Ben Roethlisberger.

It’s hard to determine how contrite he was in his post on social media, but that’s a much-needed step in the right direction. That has also brought up the topic surrounding any chance he can return to the Steelers if he can make an NFL comeback.

Mike Tomlin on Antonio Brown

In the past few days, the possibility of Brown somehow making a return to Pittsburgh has floated around.

However, any credence to that chatter was quickly dismantled on Monday morning as Tomlin stated that the Steelers have no “business interest” in bringing back former All-Pro wideout.

“We have no current business interest at this time. Things could always change depending on how the offseason plays out, but after everything that has gone down, it’s hard to imagine Brown would be a good fit back into the locker room.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that the Steelers don’t want another go around with Brown. Things had ended on rough terms, and quite honestly, things had hit a boiling point where it’s hard to recuperate from where things once were. Brown is unpredictable as they come, and it’s entirely fair to assess that the situation could wind becoming quite toxic once again.

Pittsburgh has moved forward without him, and don’t have any interest in him on the field. However, there is a strong sentiment that they want him to get back on the right path with his personal life so he can pursue his desire to be back in the NFL.

What’s next for Antonio Brown?

At this point, the most significant concerns in Brown’s life lie with the pending legal matters that surround him that could land him with jail time.

He is dealing with a pair of sexual misconduct charges along with burglary with battery charges. There is too much unknown there first before he can even think about truly pursuing an NFL comeback. His personal life is a work in progress, and he will have to prove that he can keep it in order for a long duration of time.

That goes well beyond any chance of getting a shot of returning to the league. Yes, he has the talent that belongs on any roster, but the focus lies with him getting his life back on track. Until then, these NFL rumors will remain just that around him.