Mike Tyson Avoided Testing for a Drug He Loves For His Comeback Fight

Mike Tyson is on the verge of making his boxing comeback after 15 years from his last [professional fight. The buzz around the match against Roy Jones Jr. continues to build in the days ahead of the event. There is also an interesting detail that has emerged concerning the drug testing process.

Mike Tyson lines up comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Several months ago, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson began to make headlines with his resurgent push to get back into the ring.

Tyson’s last professional fight came 15 years ago, but his recommitment to the craft earlier in 2020 sparked much excitement. The 54-year-old only further fueled the conversation by repeatedly choosing not to shoot down comeback rumors.

All that led to numerous fighters being linked to him over the summer ranging from Tyson Fury to Tito Ortiz. Tyson finally chose to agree to a fight with former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr.

Jones Jr. has won his last four fights that include winning the vacant WBU cruiserweight title. He remains a relevant name in the industry and has stuck around in various aspects. During the prime of his career, Jones Jr. was considered one of the best boxers, which has further brought excitement for the match.

The fight parameters are set in stone, with one particular detail sticking out ahead of the much-anticipated bout this upcoming weekend.

Mike Tyson won’t be tested for marijuana

The last few months have seen Mike Tyson ramp up his preparation for his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson has worked his way back into phenomenal shape, which has further fueled the buzz around his in-ring return. According to Boxing Scene, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association will not test the fighters for marijuana as part of the protocol.

The decision to keep that out is intriguing, given Tyson’s connection to the plant as he has publicly supported its use. He is the founder of Tyson Ranch, a cannabis company, while also indulging in usage. There is also the connection to his professional career as he tested positive for marijuana in 2000, which changed his two-round stoppage win over Andrew Golota to a No Contest.

Tyson and Jones Jr. are lined up for their exhibition fight on Saturday, Nov. 28, at Staples Center located in LA. The match won’t be scored by any state’s judges, along with the commission not announcing a winner after the bout. The two will go eight two-minute rounds with 12-ounce gloves.

The undercard to the event features former NBA guard Nate Robinson taking on Youtuber Jake Paul, former champion Badu Jack vs. Blake McKernan, and Viddal Riley vs. Rashad Coulter.

More fights ahead?


Mike Tyson’s Comeback Is a Case of ‘Temporary Insanity,’ According to a Former Heavyweight Champ

Mike Tyson has spoken glowingly about his much-anticipated return to the ring.

However, the focus has also shifted over to potentially taking on more opponents. The talk around his camp is that he has a strong interest in picking up big-money fights in 2021 against some prominent names in the industry.

Much of that will depend on how he looks in the ring against Roy Jones Jr., but the match could be a taking-off point for his comeback. His training has seen him get back into phenomenal shape while showcasing some impressive speed and mobility despite being in his 50s.

Regardless of how the fight shakes out, the fact that Tyson has returned to this point more than a decade after his last fight is incredible.