Mike Tyson Could Have Another Future Opponent and It’s a Familiar Foe

Mike Tyson is fresh off an impressive showing in his comeback fight after a 15-year layoff. Tyson put forth an exciting bout against Roy Jones Jr. that has many, including the former heavyweight champion, clamoring to see him in the ring again. The list also includes a former longtime foe wanting a shot at him.

Mike Tyson puts on strong showing in comeback fight

Following a 15-year absence, Mike Tyson returned to the ring over the weekend in successful fashion against Roy Jones Jr.

The 54-year-old lived up to the hype as he showed some impressive quickness and power. The circumstances may have been tailored to the older boxers with a smaller ring and eight two-minute round, but it still turned out a thrilling fight.

Tyson controlled much of the bout with his aggressiveness and power as he outlanded Jones 67-37. There was never a moment where either fighter looked near a knockdown or knockout as the two muscled through the eight rounds. Although the match resulted in a draw decision, many felt that Tyson should have edged out a win.

The former heavyweight champion’s strong performance has also quickly perked up another longtime foe’s attention to demand a match.

Evander Holyfield calls out Mike Tyson for a match

Immediately following the match, Mike Tyson repeatedly voiced his desire to get back into the ring again.

Tyson may not have to look far for his next opponent if Roy Jones Jr. isn’t up for another match. Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield voiced on Tuesday that he wants to commit to a third fight with the fellow boxing legend. (H/T ESPN)

“My side tried to make the fight happen and we got nothing but excuses,” Holyfield said in a news release on Tuesday. “Now I can see why he wanted a tuneup fight before thinking about fighting me.

“No more excuses. This is the fight that must happen for both our legacies. Saturday night you said you were ready to fight me, so sign the contract and get in the ring, Tyson. The world is waiting and it’s on you now. I’m ready.”

The last few months have also seen Holyfield get back into boxing training that sparked comeback chatter around him. The 58-year-old also touched on the possibility of fighting Tyson a third time, but nothing came to fruition.

With things transpiring successfully last Saturday night, the situation likely thoroughly appeases Holyfield to get back into the ring. There is significant intrigue given the history between the two fighters, topped by Tyson’s infamous ear-biting incident. There is no fear from him getting back in the ring again, which may come down to finding the appropriate situation to get it all worked out.

Options will be on the table


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In the first few days removed from Mike Tyson’s comeback fight, there is a highly positive sentiment around the situation.

Many expressed their concerns about the health of the two legendary fighters. However, both showed their athletic prowess despite being in their 50s. Nobody was seriously injured, which the match gives the entire situation parameters to work with moving forward.

The use of a smaller ring and eight two-minute rounds are certainly elements to utilize. Talk of headgear was prominent throughout, but Saturday’s match proved that wasn’t necessary. Holyfield will likely be the first of many fighters to throw their name in the hat.

Tyson will likely look to fight a boxer near his age to avoid additional health concerns. There is no rush toward getting another fight worked out, but instead, it makes another match ahead almost inevitable.