Mike Tyson ‘Disappointed’ He Never Killed Another Boxer in the Ring

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson was once one of the most devastating knockout artists in the sport. During his prime, Tyson was a quite feared boxer that there has ever been because of his quickness and power that quickly made him a must-see attraction. At the same time, Tyson had many quirks that put him quiet out there with some of the statements that he made. His remarks were often all over the place and hadn’t stopped even well into retirement as he once stated that he was disappointed that he didn’t kill an opponent in the squared circle.

Mike Tyson’s boxing career

It didn’t take long for Tyson to make a significant impression in the ring as he quickly proved to be one of the sports most-thrilling boxers to watch.

He had incredible strength and quickness that often allowed him to make quick work of his opponents, with 12 out of his first 16 professional fights being first-round knockouts. That quickly built a phenomenon around him as he was demolishing opposing boxers in the ring with ease.

He had many vicious knockouts over the years that saw him completely handle his opponents in the ring. That further fed into the aurora that been further enhanced behind his success in the ring.

Although he struggled late in his career, Tyson always possessed incredible strength and quickness. It may nearly two decades since his last professional fight, but there remains a strong legacy for what accomplished in the ring over his career.

Mike Tyson ‘disappointed’ he didn’t kill another boxer

Over the years, Tyson hasn’t been averse to controversy or questionable statements.

His antics out of the ring were quite unpredictable at times. However, there have been times after his illustrious boxing career where he has given extremely genuine thought on fighting days. During an interview with Telegraph in 2013 while promoting his book entitled Undisputed Truth that one of his disappointments from his time in the ring is that he didn’t kill another boxer.

Asked whether he feared he might kill someone, he told the Times: “Yes, but I was so disappointed that I didn’t. Although I’m happy now that I didn’t.”

Although that is quite chilling for Tyson to state, it’s something that could have easily occurred during his boxing career. He had many brutal knockouts that could have fared much worse than a medical check-up trip to the hospital. He does have disappointment that it didn’t happen, but he does realize that it better things never ventured in that direction.

Beyond the devastating tragedy of someone losing their life in the ring, there could have much fallout toward Tyson that could have put him in much legal trouble. It’s a situation that could have changed the landscape of his life and the sport.

Mike Tyson’s legacy

Given his track record over the years, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Tyson has voiced disappointment in that regard.

He had an unfazed instinct and mindset in the right that wasn’t matched by any of his opponents. It’s what drove him to much success over the bulk of his career, but also led him to make questionable decisions along the way. He has also done much to repair his once damaged image to where he has become a much-beloved sports icon.

There could have been several instances where a knockout could have fared much worse, but it’s a situation that luckily he avoid him throughout his career. Tyson remains a polarizing sports figure well after his boxing days, but his unpredictability now comes but in other forms.

Ultimately, there will never be another boxer quite like him for better or worse.