Mike Tyson Had a Pre-Fight Meal That Never Changed

Mike Tyson is famous for both his reputation and career when it comes to the boxing ring. Growing up Tyson faced a lot of struggles and obstacles. His father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, left the family leaving his mother, Lorna Tyson, struggling to raise Tyson and his siblings on her own. As a result, Tyson found himself at the center of crime activity from a very young age.

Luckily, Tyson’s positive experience at a reform school led him to work with Bob Stewart who introduced him to the sport of boxing. It was evident that Tyson had an innate talent for boxing, and his career began to take off in no time. Mike Tyson might not be active in the boxing ring these days, but he is still finding ways to stay relevant and to reach out to his fans and followers. 

What is the premise of ‘GQ: Actually Me’?

GQ: Actually Me is a series that first premiered in 2017. The premise of the show revolves around celebrities creating profiles on popular social media accounts. They use those profiles to answer questions and share their input.

The hilarious footage catches the behind-the-scenes real-life thought process and explanation that followers and users saw online. Ice Cube, Jackie Chan, Mark Wahlberg, Post Malone, and Nick Jonas are just a few of the many celebrities that have been invited on to the entertaining series. This past fall Tyson took on the challenge. Find out all the details that the boxer shared. 

What are some of the more memorable responses Mike Tyson has shared on ‘Actually Me, Mike Tyson’? 

As shown in the clip, Tyson saw his time on GQ: Actually Me as the perfect opportunity to clear up any confusion regarding his connection with marijuana. Some people may have been surprised to see Tyson confirm that he does have a weed farm in Palm Springs, and, believe it or not, it is upwards of 400 acres. 

One fan asked for Tyson’s assistance in settling a debate regarding an uppercut. Another interaction illustrated Tyson explaining and providing some insight into the situation that went down between Tyson and Holyfield.

The former boxer claimed to truly be sorry for the aggressive actions that Tyson is so well-known for. In the video, he also answered some tweets and conversations that were on the much more lighthearted side. Take a look at what Tyson shared about his diet. 

What was Mike Tyson’s pre-fight meal that never changed? 


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Tyson was able to answer some questions about his diet on GQ: Actually Me. The famous athlete explained,

“I don’t eat anything that has a mother or a father. If you were created through any kind of mother and father, through any kinda intercourse, I wouldn’t eat you. So that means I only eat vegetables and stuff.”

However, that is Tyson’s diet currently, but things didn’t always seem to be this way. 

When Tyson was still in the boxing ring things were a little bit different. Tyson stated, “When I was fighting, I ate a steak, some vegetables.” That seems normal enough, but it was his pre-fight meal that seemed to stick out to his fans and followers.

Tyson went on to elaborate, “And right before, an hour or so before the fight, I would have a chocolate bar and orange juice, just to get a quick sugar rush.” Tyson’s fans and followers are wondering if his pre-fight meal will change now that he seems to be more mindful of what he eats these days. Only time will tell.