Mike Tyson Reveals Game-Changing Plans Not Involving Boxing

The last couple of months has seen the significant buzz around Mike Tyson regarding a potential return to the ring. Following much hype around the situation, the former boxing great has finally settled into a match for his much-anticipated comeback. However, that wasn’t the only massive news around Tyson concerning a new venture that has doesn’t have to do with boxing.

Mike Tyson’s boxing return confirmed

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Mike Tyson continues to generate much buzz around himself after videos surfaced of him training in the ring.

It has been 15 years since his last professional fight, while his chatter around his desire to fight again only further increased the intrigue. Many different opponents such as Shannon Briggs, Evander Holyfield, Tyson Fury, and Tito Ortiz were tossed around. The 54-year-old voiced that his willingness to take on any challenge with the notion it was done solely for charity purposes.

The chatter around Tyson dwindled the last few weeks, but that has finally led to considerable development. It was announced on Thursday morning that an agreement was reached for him to fight former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr, who last fought in 2018. Tyson revealed on ESPN’s First Take that the fight two will don headgear in the match.

Jones Jr. has won his last four fights that include winning the vacant WBU cruiserweight title. The 51-year-old is still a significant name in the boxing realm as he has remained around the sport since his last fight. During the prime of his career, Jones Jr. was considered one of the sports best boxers winning titles at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight.

Beyond that, the match pins two all-time greats against each other in what should be a highly entertaining matchup.

Mike Tyson announces Legends Only League

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Sports fans have gotten what they have long hoped with Mike Tyson getting back into the ring for at least one more fight.

However, that isn’t the only exciting news that the former heavyweight champion has announced as he revealed the creation of the Legends Only League.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to create, build, and honor athletes,” said Tyson via press release. “All athletes live to follow their dreams and fight for excellence. It’s something that is inherent in each of us and that drive never goes away. Legends Only League will support athletes in their individual sports, creating some of the most epic competitions, products and live events in the world.”

There isn’t clarity as far as to what the league will look like, but Tyson is welcoming legends from all sports. It will provide a platform for many icons to continue participating in what helped make them who they have become. The initial announcement leaves much undefined, but there should much more to come on that front in the coming weeks.

The hype has returned

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Beyond that, there is much to be excited about concerning Mike Tyson both in the ring and outside it.

Tyson has spent the last several years rehabbing his image and reputation that was damaged throughout his boxing career and into retirement. He looked to be in a much better place mentally, which led to him getting back to training for boxing in the first place. He continues to voice that he has found peace and balance with the craft that led to a successful career.

There is warranted concerns about him returning to the ring in his 50s and his last fight 15 years ago. Ultimately, only time will tell if this decision is the right choice for him to make at this point in life.