Mike Tyson Has Sent Roy Jones Jr. a Frightening Message Without Saying a Single Word

The last several months have seen a building buzz around Mike Tyson‘s comeback attempt. Tyson has fully embraced the movement by agreeing to a match with Roy Jones Jr. set for this late November. The former heavyweight champion has continued to feed the hype around his much-anticipated return by just sending a scary non-verbal message to Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson is set to fight Roy Jones Jr.

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Since Mike Tyson‘s first boxing workout videos surfaced on social media earlier this year, the buzz around his potential in-return remained.

Throughout the process, Tyson didn’t once turn down the scenario of getting back into the ring for the first time since 2005. Many different opponents proposed, which led to former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr. agreeing to a match was pushed back to Nov. 28 at Staples Center.

Jones Jr. last fought in 2018 and has won his previous four bouts, including winning the vacant WBU cruiserweight title. The 51-year-old remains an important name in the boxing world as he has stayed around the sport since his last fight.

During the prime of his career, Jones Jr. was considered one of the best boxers, which has further amped up the excitement for the match. He has a tall task ahead of him that has just gotten a bit more daunting.

Mike Tyson is in phenomenal shape

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Over the last few months, Mike Tyson has utilized that time to get his body better prepared for his comeback match.

Tyson has fully committed himself to his training camp routine ahead of the fight against Roy Jones Jr. With the Nov. 28 match roughly two weeks out, ESPN Ringside posted photos of Tyson wearing boxing gear absolutely ripped and ready to go.

Much of this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the significant progress he has made over the last several months to get back into shape. The 54-year-old has the physical appearance of being ready to fight for the first time in well over a decade.

Although Tyson has only posted videos of his workout sessions with his trainer, he has shown some impressive speed and power for his age. He is far removed from a typical former heavyweight champion boxer in their 50s.

What these images showcase more than anything is that he’s put himself in tremendous shape to have a triumphant return to the ring.

Possibly more fights ahead after comeback match

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Over the last several months, Mike Tyson has briefly touched upon the possibility of more than just a comeback match.

Tyson has returned to tremendous physical shape that has him optimistic about making his return more than a one-off event. During a recent interview, his trainer Rafael Cordeiro stated that the 54-year-old is ready to do three big-money fights with some notable names in the business in 2021.

Although no particular opponent was mentioned, Tyson could be in the position to make his comeback longer than his return later this month. Much of that will depend on his showing in the ring against Jones Jr., who has demonstrated to have plenty left in the tank.

There were other big names brought up over the last few months, such as current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The 32-year-old acknowledged over the summer that Tyson’s camp reached out to him. The 54-year-old has high hopes, but all that will hinge on how he performs on Nov. 28 against a highly formidable opponent.