Mike Tyson Is the Most Brutally Honest Athlete Ever

Mike Tyson is one of the most popular boxers who’s currently alive. Not only was he a scary and dominant heavyweight champion, but he’s also the host of a popular podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. And, with the platform that his podcast gives him, he’s been opening up about his life.

Mike Tyson opens up about his personal life

While Tyson’s boxing career, as well as his criminal history, are very well known to the public, Tyson’s personal life has only recently been in the public spotlight. That said, there were moments in the past where Tyson did open up honestly about his personal life. That’s what happened with his first wife, Robin Givens. 

Their marriage was marked with violence, like many things in Tyson’s life was. In fact, Givens accused Tyson of domestic violence, including punching her. Tyson not only admitted to punching her, but he actually said that it was the “best punch” that he’d ever thrown in his life.

If that level of honesty wasn’t enough, Tyson also claimed that, while he was serving his prison sentence for rape, he had a very active sex life. He said that many women visited him and did the deed with him while he was behind bars. He also said that one of those women was his drug counselor. 

Mike Tyson said he paid for orgies

Tyson wasn’t done confessing about the crazy things that he did in his earlier life. Recently, the Daily Mail said that Tyson, while speaking on his podcast, said that he even threw parties where he paid women to participate in an orgy. Tyson said that these orgies included paying for people’s mothers, sisters, and cousins for their participation in those orgies. 

He said that doing those things was one of the many reasons why he ended up being broke after he retired from boxing. Tyson, despite his fame and fortune, filed for bankruptcy in 2003, according to Daily Mail. 

However, that’s not everything that Tyson’s admitted to happening to him. In fact, Bleacher Report says that Tyson admitted to being sexually abused when he was a child. Tyson said that when he was seven, an older man who he did not know “snatched him off the street” and sexually abused him. Fortunately however, Tyson was able to run away and escape from his abuser. Tyson says that he never saw that man again. 

It takes a lot of courage for anyone, especially someone as tough as Tyson, to admit to being a victim of childhood sexual abuse. This shows that Tyson’s toughness in the boxing ring is something that he has mentally as well. 

Opening up on his dark thoughts

And, in that same way, Mike Tyson’s been opening up about his mental issues as well as the dark thoughts that he has had. Tyson admitted to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and recently, the Daily Mail reported about the thoughts that Tyson has had when it comes to death.

As the Daily Mail said, Tyson said that dying was something that he looked forward to, as “living might be more complicated than dying to me, because living takes a lot of courage.” Just like with childhood sexual abuse, it takes a lot of courage to talk about these issues and thoughts that Tyson has been dealing with. But, with that said, Tyson’s not afraid to be honest about lighter things, too. 

For example, on his podcast, he said that he and his crew smokes 10-tons of weed a month. Despite the fact that Tyson owns a weed farm, it would be physically impossible to do that. But still, it shows that Tyson is brutally honest with himself at least.